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Prospect CRM

Wholesalers, Distributors & Manufacturers are selling more, in less time, every time with Prospect - the #1 Stock-Aware CRM integrated with Mailchimp.


Prospect is the #1 Stock-Aware CRM for Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers who sell products B2B.

Now, don’t just use Mailchimp to target new customers – use Prospect CRM’s integration with your Inventory management and ERP systems to build highly targeted campaigns for existing customers too! Create email campaigns that target customers who’ve bought X but not Y, or customers whose spend is increasing or declining, or even customers that our AI has identified as a churn risk.

Sync your Contacts

It’s super easy to sync contacts from Prospect CRM into Mailchimp, and once you’ve set it up, new CRM contacts flow automatically into Mailchimp. So, rather than spending time manually entering data or importing clunky CSV files, you can start creating those beautiful emails!

Drive Marketing Campaigns with RFM Analysis & AI

Use amazing insights from Prospect’s built-in RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value) Analysis and our AI–driven customer alerts to drive powerful Mailchimp campaigns. Whether it be telling your Champion customers about your exciting new product line, adding your Loyal Customers into an upsell campaign to increase average order values, or acting on your predicted churn by entering at-risk or lost customers into a win-back or reactivation campaign – integrating Prospect to Mailchimp helps you attract more business, retain customers for longer and increase every customer’s lifetime value (LTV).

Tag Mailchimp Contacts

Whether you use a pre-built report like 'Customers who bought X but not Y' or want to build your own list, you can add Mailchimp tags right from within the Prospect list with just a click of a button!

Get the Full Picture of your Marketing Efforts

Prospect CRM records key engagement points from your Mailchimp campaigns, like opens and click-throughs, automatically against the CRM contact – enabling customer-facing teams to adapt their follow up approach. Plus, unsubscribes automatically sync, so you can be reassured that you’ll only send to those who are happy to hear from you.

Automatically recording these touchpoints in Prospect CRM enables customer-facing teams to get a real-time, full picture of exactly which marketing comms were sent, and most importantly, which ones resonated most. Ultimately helping your Sales and Account Management teams to sell more, in less time, every time!


Target customers in a Mailchimp who've bought Product X but not Product Y - just one of many amazing Reports ready to go in Prospect CRM! Image 1 - ProspectCRM Integration Listing

The Mailchimp Subscription Status is mapped to Prospect CRM, meaning actions like 'Unsubscribe' automatically sync. Image 2 - Prospect CRM Integration Listing

After initiating the sync in Prospect, your CRM contacts will flow automatically into Mailchimp, where you can then further segment your list e.g. by RFM Segment. Image 3 - Prospect CRM Integration Listing