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Easily send and segment emails with rewards information like points balance, referral links, and VIP tiers.

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Developer helps brands improve customer retention, build loyalty, and grow sustainably through rewards. Combining the powers of and Mailchimp makes it easy to personalize emails for your rewards program members and build segmented lists based on rewards program data.

Send Reward Marketing Emails through Mailchimp

Once your Mailchimp account is synced to, you can easily use reward marketing emails to boost engagement with your program. Here are a few campaign ideas to get you started:

  • Send special offers to your VIP members
  • Add points balance and VIP tiers to newsletters and abandoned cart emails
  • Let customers know they’re close to earning a reward with points balance reminders
  • Send customers their referral links and encourage them to share your brand
  • Let your customers know when they’ve earned points to keep your program top of mind

You can also easily segment your customers based on their rewards data.

Screenshot of Mailchimp's web application

Create customer lists based on program data like points balance, referral links, and VIP tiers to build targeted campaigns that drive engagement.

Gif of Mailchimp's web application creating an email

From there, personalize each of your messages with a variety of rewards program data using Merge Tags to deliver an impeccable rewards email experience to every customer.

Connecting and Mailchimp

Sync your rewards program data with Mailchimp in three simple steps.

Gif of interface demonstrating how to connect the mailchimp application
  1. Install the Mailchimp app in Smile
  2. Connect your Mailchimp account
  3. Choose which list you’d like to sync your reward program data to.