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Sync real-time data from your Square point of sale, online store, or subscriptions to organize your contacts, personalize your messaging, and deliver more successful marketing campaigns.

When you connect Square with Mailchimp, you can build customer relationships and boost sales from their very first purchase. Segment imported contacts based on their interactions with your business, send relevant messages to engage repeat buyers, or recommend top selling products. Identify your most effective sales-driving campaigns so you can do more of what works.

Square helps sellers of all sizes start, run, and grow their business. Whether online or in-person, get paid quickly and securely with a variety of sleek hardware and software solutions to process credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. Beyond payments, Square has a broad set of flexible tools ready for nearly any job, like point-of-sale, eCommerce, subscriptions, and more.

Supported Countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Spain

What does it do?

Here are some popular ways to use this integration. Features and functionality vary by plan.

Know who your customers are

  • Sync important contact details from Square to your Mailchimp Marketing CRM such as name, email, location, and order details.

Keep customers coming back

  • Add product content blocks to emails to quickly promote best-selling products or special offers. Then, check out revenue results in your report (classic builder only).

Organize contacts with smart tags

  • Save time with automated data entry. Segment your audience for targeted marketing with tags automatically added to your customers based on their interactions.

Put your Square data to work

  • Bring your customer and inventory details into Mailchimp, then trigger custom automations that send timely emails to welcome new customers, promote new products, or gather feedback.

Installation and Usage Tips



  • Any Mailchimp Marketing Platform plan
    • You will need at least one Mailchimp audience
  • A Square account (free trial available)
  • Data inside of Square (with a brand new Square account won’t see that any data is syncing to Mailchimp)
  • Works with Square payments (in person & online), point of sale, ecommerce, Square retail, Square for restaurants, loyalty program, and subscriptions.


Have questions or need help with this integration?

Contact Square support about data syncing issues, or visit the Mailchimp help center.