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See up to date campaign and subscriber information within CRM and segment in MC based on CRM data using the SuiteCRM and Mailchimp Integration.

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Highlighted Features - The campaign Mailchimp information on open, click, bounce, etc can be analyzed within the SuiteCRM. Schedule sync to transfer data at regular frequency in a predefined time. Selective record sync between SuiteCRM and MailChimp. Add your own workflow to Add/Remove Mailchimp Lists and Campaigns from SuiteCRM. Create Mailchimp Lists, Campaigns, Groups and Groupings within SuiteCRM. The complete sync log helps you to perfectly monitor the data flow.

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Image of Suite API Details

Bridge your Email Marketing tool Mailchimp and SuiteCRM with secured Mailchimp API.

Image of Mailchimp Lists within the SuiteCRM

Relate your Mailchimp field with the desired SuiteCRM field.

Image of Mailchimp lists and options to sync these lists to CRM

Just a single click to sync to your List & Campaign between SuiteCRM and Mailchimp.