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The 3 Best Advertisement Examples and Best Practices

A good advertisement is invaluable to a company’s overall business strategy. Check out these advertisement examples to inspire ideas of your own.

Advertising examples surround us. Examples of advertisements greet us on our phones, our televisions, in our vehicles, and virtually everywhere we are and everywhere we go.

Now, just imagine a world without advertisements. Go ahead, we'll give you a minute...

Wow, how quiet was that? For some of you, it might have felt like the longest minute of your lives too, but there was something else missing. Did you notice?

Yes, you may have imagined a world without billboards, commercials, ad bots, and multimedia messages, among other advertising mediums. Yet, there was something else that was less obvious but far more important missing here–information.

You probably didn't notice, in your imaginary world without advertisements, the lack of information available to you. No reminders of where to get your next new car. No examples of advertisements for the latest deals at the grocery. No helpful advertisements helping homeowners find insurance. Nothing.

Perhaps a hundred years ago, businesses and customers could have gotten along fine without marketing and advertising. In the world today, however, for both businesses and customers, advertising isn't optional.

Why is advertising important?

The best advertisements all have one thing in common; they communicate valuable information to the audience. It could be a product they need, a service they use, or even a leisure activity for the family, but advertising is the primary channel of communication between businesses and their patrons.

There are also situations, however, when delivering a message isn't the primary goal. Some advertisements are designed to simply create interest or even stir controversy.

The flexibility of using advertising for multiple reasons is another benefit and reason why advertising is important. It doesn't matter if you want to promote a product or service, bring attention to a cause, or simply get a message out, advertising is the best way to get it done.

Advertising is important for organizations, businesses, and brands in every industry. That importance is highlighted by the top benefits afforded by good advertising. Here is a look at the top benefits of advertising.

Top 5 benefits of good advertising

We have all witnessed many different advertisement ideas, including those that work, and those that don't. The examples of advertisements that work always result in many benefits. In the marketing world, those benefits are often called return on investment (ROI). That is also where the top benefits of good advertising begin.

Strong ROI

Good advertising offers many benefits. One of the most considerable of those benefits, however, is the investment required to get them. Good advertising can impact sales, company image, and more. Because of the benefits good advertising can offer, an investment in advertising is always a good decision.

Drive traffic

It doesn't matter if you are a business trying to sell a service or product, or an organization supporting a cause, advertising will help drive traffic. In some cases, that can be literal foot traffic, and in many cases, that simply looks like site visits or clicks.


One of the greatest benefits of good advertising is the ability to reach so many. There has never been a more effective method of reaching more people than advertising. Word of mouth and reputation are great, but nothing does what advertising can.

Brand & image

It could be an indelible image, an unforgettable catchphrase, or an advertisement that goes viral, but the perfect advertisement can make, build, and promote your image. Marketing is about more than selling, and image and communication are cornerstones of why advertisements work.


One-on-one conversations have merit, compared to the ability to communicate to the masses, however, it can make a world of difference. Literally. Good advertisements can help companies and organizations communicate, regardless of the message.

Visit us. Get protected. Watch this. Buy that. Eat here. Love him. Adore her. Support us. If there is a message, there is an advertisement that can help communicate it.

Types of advertising to leverage

Each of our aforementioned advertising examples used different types of advertising techniques for leverage. Here is a look at some of the most common types of advertising and a few that the campaigns above used to perfection.

Statistics, facts and numbers

Remember, one of the biggest benefits of advertising is the ability to communicate and deliver messages. The Humane Society campaign repeatedly reminds its audience that x number of pets are abandoned every day, or that there is y number of animals without loving homes.

These statistics and facts are used by many companies and brands too. Insurance companies are always quick to use statistics to show the likelihood of having an accident, fire, or needing coverage. These statistics, facts, and numbers also play on the emotions of the audience, which is also another effective advertising technique.

Emotional appeal

This advertising technique is exactly what it sounds like, with a little extra added in. The heartstrings pulled by the Humane Society campaign was no accident, but those aren't the only emotions you can connect to your audience too.

Two of the most common emotional appeal advertising techniques involve connecting with people's fears and needs. That includes the fear of getting hurt, sick or having an accident. Do any of these advertising themes sound familiar? How about the need for security, buying something new, or the need to fit in? Yes, connecting with the emotions of your audience is a proven and effective technique.


Nike wasn't the only company or brand to take advantage of celebrity status and power. Famous actors have become infamous with certain automobile brands, while others have become the voice of insurance. Endorsements aren't typically the most feasible advertising techniques, but endorsement techniques do have a history of success.

Like any marketing strategy, the real question is, what do you expect to get out of your investment? The answer to that question will determine if it is worth using endorsements for your next campaign.

Bandwagon advertising

Nobody wants to be left out, and that is exactly what bandwagon advertising plays on. If you want to get the attention of your audience, remind them that everyone is doing it, or that 8 out of 10 loved it.

Nike subliminally plays on this message too, as we see every type of person from every walk of life wearing Nike shoes in their commercials. Make your audience feel excluded, or invite them to join "everyone else," either way bandwagon advertising is a powerful technique to connect with your audience.

Don’t overlook your advertising strategy

Advertising is the lifeline of every successful company and brand. In today's world, communication matters more than ever, and advertising is the voice of everyone who gets heard. Want to learn more about examples of advertisements built by Mailchimp? Are you wondering about the Instagram advertising strategy guide, or perhaps you would like to know more about how to advertise on Facebook?

If you are, then you are on the right track. You have worked hard to build your business and brand, right? Now take the next step and take your business to the next level with the right advertising and marketing strategy.

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