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How to Create the Best Consulting Website

An online presence is a necessity for consultants, but what does that actually mean? Here’s everything you should include on your consulting website.

We live in a changing work environment. People use their talents to provide many different services to others. The new generation of workers is more tech-savvy and desires to create their own consulting websites. High-quality consulting website content draws in potential clients and keeps them engaged.

Mailchimp is a website platform that guides you through every step of building a site. As an extension of this service, we believe in providing valuable information you can act on immediately. Keep reading to find out how to take your business to the next level and gain a competitive edge in your area of expertise.

What are consultant websites?

If you are self-employed or work with small businesses, it is vital to have a consultant website that markets who you are and what services you provide. People who need services immediately go to the internet and are drawn in by an engaging layout and easy-to-navigate flow.

Building an effective consultant website is an essential part of the marketing you must do to attract potential clients to your services. As such, your consulting website content is your first chance to make a good impression as well as a way for potential clients to find you.

Those who run a solo business rely on good consulting website content because potential clients will use your web page to decide immediately if you are trustworthy and knowledgeable about the services you provide. Your webpage can be the difference between getting the visitor to click for more information or moving on to the next consulting website.

What are the benefits of having a consulting website?

When you build your business, you are automatically competing against many other service providers for the same potential clients. Your website is the new version of a business card and a handshake. But don’t worry, our Website Builder greatly simplifies the process!

Building a high-quality website allows for:

Owning your search engine optimization placement

Do you own the domain for your business name? When you own the digital rights to market your business name, you have control over the results that appear first when doing an internet search for your business. This is an effective strategy to rank highly for laptop and mobile search results.

Brand showcasing

Having a website puts you in charge of how potential clients see your business and how they can interact with your website content.

Establish relevance

All consultants need a website to compete in the market, but they also need to establish relevance in the field. While it may be natural for a younger consultant to have a website, established or older generations need to also have a website to allow potential clients to understand they are tech-savvy as well.

Tax write-offs

Website development and maintenance costs are tax deductible. It is a tax write-off that will result in potentially getting an entirely new client base.

What to include on your consulting website

Because your website is your first line of communication with potential clients, you must have the right consulting website content.

The benefit of choosing your services

Your potential clients have a general idea of what you do because they are looking for your services in the first place. They want to know the advantages of choosing you over others who offer the same services.

Your full range of services

Once you give the potential clients the advantages of using your business, give them a full picture of what you do. You may benefit from having a page within the main website devoted to each type of service you offer. There, you can go more in-depth about the benefits of each service and provide a thorough explanation of what it entails.

Show why you are an expert

The perception of consultants is that they are experts in the area of services they provide. Instead of telling potential clients about your expertise, show them examples. Include a blog on your website that allows you to display your expertise. Even if you don’t want to spend time writing long, technical articles, you can also use videos, slideshows, and infographics to display your talents and skills.

Social proof

Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful persuasive pieces of information to make others take a closer look at hiring your services. Offer testimonials and case studies of clients who have used your services and are happy with the results. Also, provide links to your social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. This triangulation of information will help you build trust with potential clients as well as give them other places to learn information about you and your services.

Get them to click

You don’t want potential clients to come and go without providing a way to interact with them further. Offer a free piece of information, such as a checklist that coincides with the information they need. This will allow you to gain their email address when they sign up for your free gift. Also, make the contact button easily accessible to encourage the visitor to create an appointment for a consultation with you. Don’t forget to include an easy call to action on each page of your website.

Help them navigate

You will have visitors of all different technological abilities. Make your website easy to navigate for a user-friendly experience. There should be no question about how to find information on your website for anyone who visits. This is especially critical for ecommerce sites.

How to create a consulting website

Creating consulting websites is a great way to attract and engage with current and prospective clients. Before you build your website, it is important to understand the ins and outs of the best consulting websites available online today. Understanding what goes into creating a working consultant website can help when creating your own website. A few steps to keep in mind when getting started with a business consultant website of your own include:

  • Generate an idea: What is the purpose of your consultant website? Who will you be attempting to reach as a consultant? What objectives do you have in mind for your website and online reputation?
  • Register a domain name: Register a domain name that is relevant to your business and/or brand. To get a domain, compare popular host features and pricing ahead of time.
  • Host: When you want to host a website, you will need to find a suitable provider with hosting solutions that are useful and affordable for you.
  • Choose the right platform: Choose a platform such as Mailchimp to browse consultant website examples and create a website with a built-in, hands-on website builder that is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Add content: Create content for your website. Content is still king. A content strategy is essential to optimize any website and maximize your reach.
  • Design your website: The look and feel of your website matter, which is why selecting the right design by comparing website examples can help.
  • Site tracking: Add site tracking to your website to track your website's visitors, page views, and more. This enables you to gather relevant data that can help you improve your consulting business and further establish your online presence.
  • Publish your site: You will then need to publish your website to ensure it is live and available for the public to see.

Website design tips for consultants

Website design for consultants doesn’t need to be a burden to create. Using a website builder like Mail Chimp or one of our many consulting website templates helps you create your site quickly and easily. Look at some of the most powerful consulting websites already published and make note of all of the characteristics and content categories you would like to put on your website.

Capture their eyes quickly

It is a general rule of thumb when writing your resume, to make it capture the reader’s eye within seconds. The same rule of thumb applies to your website. You want to create a beautiful design that showcases the most important information and features as soon as they land on your page. This is your first impression on the client, so make it count.

Focus on search engine optimization techniques

You want your website to be among the first list of websites when potential clients search for services. Remember, you not only want your name or business name to show up in searches, but also your skills and services as well.

Think of your audience

What types of images and information are important to people who may be looking for your services? What do your potential clients want to know and see? What pictures could add to or detract from what you are selling to them?

Include a mobile-friendly version

Many people scroll and search on their phones. You want to make sure your consulting website is attractive and easy to navigate from a mobile device.

Pick the right website platform

Choosing an effective platform to help you build your pages is an important decision. Each element of the platform has the potential to bring you more clients or to be lost in the shuffle. So, align your site with what you want to accomplish.

  • Make sure your website platform has features and designs that coincide with your brand. You want to have a variety of professional templates and the flexibility to add features you want, such as social link buttons and analytics tools.
  • Your website is your lifeline to potential customers. Make sure you have access to customer service when you need it.
  • Ensure you have ownership of your information and data and that your information is private and protected.
  • Your site should be easy to maintain.
  • Make sure the pricing is within your budget and that you get the biggest bang for your buck with features included in the price.

Mailchimp has all the features you need to build your pages. We have a complete line of professional designs and formats that will fit the needs of your business. From a free landing page to small business resources, we are your one-stop-shop for all your website needs. Buy a domain that matches your business name and get started.

Frequently asked questions

What makes the best consulting websites good?

The best consultant websites may hire a web designer or use available design tools to appear sleek, modern, professional, and approachable. Top consultant websites also include top-notch web security to ensure the safety and privacy of all visitors and/or prospective clients at all times. Take a look at some of the best consulting website examples to get a better idea of what good consulting website design looks like.

Where can I host a consulting website?

Hosting a consulting website is possible by comparing various web hosts that are popular and well-known. You can also consider working with a third-party service such as Mailchimp. With Mailchimp, create a website with an intuitive website builder while managing traffic, email campaigns, and so much more in one centralized location.

Using a solution such as Mailchimp is not only a way to save money, but it can streamline the process of building, designing, and promoting your consulting website, whether you are working for a consulting firm or on your own.

Do I need a consultant website for my business?

While it is not required to have a website in order to work as a consultant, having an online presence goes a long way in the consulting industry and allows you to more effectively market your consulting services. With a website, you can reach a global audience, embed forms that make it easy to get in contact with you, and present the service offerings you have available. If you build a large and expansive social media following, a consultant website can be a great place to send your followers in order to generate more business.

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