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Mailchimp is on Giphy!

Hero image for MailChimp is on Giphy!

Like a lot of businesses, we love unleashing a good GIF on Twitter and Facebook. They’re engaging, and can be a fun way to stand out in a crowded social media feed.

GIFs are also a good way to humanize your business online. Yes, Mailchimp’s social media presence speaks with one voice, but lots of people—yes, actual people!—work behind the scenes to reply to comments and questions across several platforms. When we get a funny or kind comment, we try to respond whenever possible, even if it’s just with a Like.

GIFs make those responses quick and easy. When we respond to a complimentary tweet with a silly animation, we’re smiling and we like to think the person on the other end might be, too. Nailing those kinds of online interactions feels great.

Mattiel playing pool

Earlier this year, we made our first official GIF policy for social media: no more third-party GIFs. So we asked our designers to create GIFs and images we could use to respond to certain types of posts on Facebook and Twitter. After figuring out the main sentiments we wanted to express— “You’re welcome,” “Thanks,” “Your cat looks amazing in that hat,” etc.—we asked our creative team if they could create GIFs that got those points across. Their answer?

Austin saying "Yes"

Their work is so great! It spans animation, CG, video, and stop-motion. For our design team, small assignments like “make a thank you GIF” were a fun way to experiment, get weird, and take a creative break between larger projects. (We also got to make good use of our parts bin.) Another benefit: Mailchimp’s a growing company, so these silly shoots were also a great way to get to know coworkers across departments.

We’ve really enjoyed slowly rolling these GIFs out in social media replies. And now they’re yours to use, courtesy of our new brand page on Giphy. Pretty exciting, huh?

So far, most GIFs feature MC employees (but not this one, which features my dad’s dog), and we’re trying our best to include folks from all departments as we build this collection. For example, when they’re not high fiving, Summer and Joy (see above) work in our IT department.

We plan to keep adding to this collection. Turns out, making GIFs is really fun! And if your business doesn’t have the luxury of a design team, apps like Boomerang and Giphy Cam make it relatively simple to create your own.

We’re excited to see how folks respond to this GIF library. And if you tell us how you feel on social media, well, we’re ready.

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