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Mailchimp Pro Adds Advanced Segmentation, 50 Merge Fields, Inbox Preview, and More

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May 2019 Update: Mailchimp Pro is no longer available—check out our pricing page for current plans. If you're interested in something similar to Pro, we'd recommend looking at our Premium plan.

When we launched Mailchimp Pro a couple months ago, we talked a lot about how excited we were to empower our quickly growing users with lists of more than 50,000. We told you Mailchimp Pro was powered by purpose and democratized by design. But we also mentioned that it was a journey, a work in progress, that we’d be adding to it and iterating on it in the future. That starts today.

We’re excited to announce several new Mailchimp Pro features: Advanced Segmentation, Pro Merge Fields, Timewarp for Automation, and Inbox Preview Beta. If you’re a current Mailchimp Pro user, you get all this new stuff at the same great price ($199 a month). If you’ve been thinking about becoming a Mailchimp Pro user, now’s the best time to upgrade. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Advanced Segmentation

Segment with more conditions than ever before, and apply combinatorial logic to customer data with nested conditions to get even more granular. Advanced Segmentation lets you query against e-commerce data, member rating, and more.

Pro Merge Fields

Mailchimp Pro users get an additional 50 merge fields in their list. More fields means more data storage for you and more finely-tuned emails for your customers. Combined with Advanced Segmentation, Pro Merge Fields gives you more control over your content and more impact for your business.

Timewarp for Automation

If your customers live all over the world, it only makes sense to keep their time zones in mind. Timewarp for Automation lets you schedule automated campaigns to send at the same time in any time zone. When your customers receive emails at high-engagement times, your ROI goes up.

Inbox Preview Beta

This powerful new feature shows you what your campaigns will look like in more than 40 different email clients. Inbox Preview loads right in the app, works in just seconds, and ensures your emails will look great no matter where they’re opened.

Giving you the power to grow

These new features join an already-robust set that includes Multivariate Testing, Delivery Insights, Stop Delivery, and more. Take a look at our refreshed Mailchimp Pro feature page. We think you’re gonna love it. As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback.

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