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Introducing Mailchimp Pro

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May 2019 Update: Mailchimp Pro is no longer available—check out our pricing page for current plans. If you're interested in something similar to Pro, we'd recommend looking at our Premium plan.

Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Mailchimp Pro. It’s the most powerful set of tools we’ve ever built, and we built it for our most forward-thinking customers. Mailchimp Pro is the culmination of 10 months of work from 12 different teams, 4 years of data science research, tons of customer feedback from interviews and surveys, and millions of dollars in infrastructure upgrades.

The result of all that hard work is a robust set of Mailchimp Pro features including Multivariate Testing, Delivery Insight, Priority Support, and Stop Delivery. For $199/month in addition to your regular account fees, you’ll get all of these and more—it’s the kind of data our very own data science team uses to innovate every day. Mailchimp Pro is for power users looking to get more out of their email marketing, typically businesses with lists of 50,000 or more. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. To find out how Mailchimp Pro will help you grow your business and optimize your email, visit our Mailchimp Pro page.

The data scientists, engineers, and designers who helped make Pro happen will be blogging about their contributions over the coming week, but I’d like to share a little back story along with my perspective as co-founder and CEO of Mailchimp.

Powered by purpose

First and foremost, Mailchimp Pro is true to our company’s purpose: we’re here to empower small businesses to grow. We’re a 450-person company now, and we serve more than 9 million businesses around the world who send more than 20 billion emails every month. But when my co-founder and I started this company 14 years ago, we were a small business—just like so many of Mailchimp’s users. We both came from entrepreneurial families, too. So we know the fulfillment and sense of purpose that comes when business is going right, but we’re all-too-familiar with the pain that comes when business goes wrong. When a small business owner fails, it can be devastating, and the repercussions of that failure can last decades. Preventing that from happening is what drives us.

This is why Mailchimp approaches the idea of “empowering small businesses” in a different way than most. We’re not here to coddle small businesses and call them “heroes” just because they’re small and brave. Courage is great, and it certainly takes a lot of courage to start out on your own, but we know firsthand that courage alone is not enough. Small businesses need to leverage technology to maximize their time and passion. We’re here to equip small businesses with the powerful technology they need to grow, like automation, data science, and e-commerce tools. That’s what Mailchimp Pro is all about.

Democratized by design

Mailchimp’s specialty is taking powerful features normally reserved for large enterprises, and making them accessible to small businesses. We do that with design. If we sold software to big enterprises, the CIO or CTO would be the decision maker, so it wouldn’t matter if the software was easy to use—they could just mandate it to all employees. When you sell to small businesses, it’s a lot like selling to consumers: the buyer is also the user. So a delightful user experience is critical. This is why design is in our DNA, and you can see it in this powerful new set of tools.

With Mailchimp Pro, we provide true multivariate testing in an intuitive, dynamic interface:

For the first time ever, small businesses can send multiple campaigns that test subject lines, content, and send times all at once—and all with the push of a button.

We heard from lots of customers that they spend hours exporting campaign reports and plugging data into spreadsheets so they can generate even more reports to share with their team. Mailchimp Pro makes it easy to run reports, then auto-schedule and share them.

Excited for what’s next

This is a very high-level view of just a few of the highlights. For the full feature list, check out Mailchimp Pro.

Mailchimp’s always made it easy for small businesses to get started, and Mailchimp Pro makes it easy for these businesses to grow. We can’t wait to see how you optimize your email marketing with it. And remember, as always, we’ll be looking forward to—and iterating on—your feedback. This is just the beginning, too. Stay tuned for more Mailchimp Pro features in future releases.

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