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How a Sales Blitz Can Skyrocket Your Team's Performance

A sales blitz can be a great way to drive sales and boost your team’s performance. Learn more about this tactic here.

For most businesses, sales go through cycles. You’ll have busier and slower months, active campaigns, and periods of struggle. How do you beat that?

One way is with a sales blitz. It’s a way to rapidly increase interest and sales for your business, and because it’s focused and quick, it doesn’t require an overwhelming investment to get started.

Take a few minutes to learn about sales blitzes today. It might just revamp your business in ways you never expected and get you through slow periods with a few new customers.

What is a sales blitz?

A sales blitz campaign is a short-term effort to drive sales within a specific timeframe. If that sounds vague, it’s because you can strategize your sales blitz in several ways. You can target a particular demographic or aim for a certain geographic region. You can even push a single product. It’s all up to you.

The point is that you’re running a short-term “blitz” to force your sales to go up.

The time frame is also up to you, but most sales blitzes last for a set number of months, weeks, or days. For example, you can have a weekend blitz or a seasonal blitz.

By the end, the goal is to contact more prospects and convert more sales.

How does a sales blitz campaign work?

Because blitzes can revolve around many different variables, you won’t find a universal blueprint that always works. That said, common threads apply to most blitzes, and understanding them can help you create an effective campaign.

For the most part, a blitz works by generating leads and creating a sense of urgency. That sounds similar to most marketing tactics because it is. A sales blitz isn’t reinventing the concept of marketing. Instead, it’s distilling marketing efforts into a short, concentrated period of action.

In other words, your blitz works by steering into your lead generation as hard as possible. Whether that be via a website, email, traditional mail, phone calls, text messages, skywriting, or anything else, your blitz period encourages you to place all of your efforts into one task to the extent you can.

This is backed by powerful messaging that makes it clear to your prospects the limited nature of the sale. Whatever you’re offering won’t be around forever, so they need to buy now.

Why are sales blitzes beneficial?

We’ll help you plan a blitz in a moment, but before that, is all of this strategizing worth it? What do you really gain from a sales blitz?

When executed properly, a sales blitz will increase your customer base. You’ll contact a lot of people and convert as many as possible into customers. Naturally, this drives up revenue, which is excellent, but it also allows you to build a personal, lasting business relationship with various new customers.

It’s an opportunity for long-term growth, and you can focus it on specific aspects of the business. You can run a blitz to increase online sales, in-store foot traffic, or any other important metric. This can be valuable for building momentum and growing brand awareness.

Additionally, the short run of a blitz allows you to test some of your marketing ideas with less risk. If you want to try a new text messaging marketing strategy, you can do it over a few days and receive feedback on how well it worked. You won’t spend nearly as much money or resources as if you just adopted the new strategy permanently.

How to create a sales blitz strategy

Now that you know a bit about what a blitz is and why it matters, we can build a campaign. How do you actually pull off a sales blitz? How do you fit it into your existing sales pipeline? You can follow the five-step plan below to kick off your strategy.

1. Establish your goals

This is where you pick the basics. How long do you want to run the blitz? How much do you want to invest in it? How many people do you want to contact? How many sales are you hoping to generate? Are you going after a specific group, demographic, or region?

What do you want the blitz to do?

The rest of your promotional strategy will follow when you can answer that.

2. Determine your target audience

You should have an idea of this when you think about your initial goals, but it’s important to flesh out all of the details related to your target audience. Fortunately, there’s one easy way to think about it.

Who is the buyer you imagine when you think about the sales blitz? Is it a young mother? A golf lover? Fortune 500 CEOs?

When you know who might respond to your blitz, you can identify their pain points and improve your messaging. Think about what they’re trying to accomplish with the purchase. Consider how they might want to be contacted and what content might resonate with them.

Also, keep in mind that many products have a range of buyers. In a sales blitz, you’re trying to keep things specific, but it’s not unreasonable to think about a few different buyers to broaden your efforts.

3. Plan and create your content

At this point, you have your goals and a clear idea of who you’re trying to contact. This is where you map out the content you intend to send to those people. As you do this, remember that you're trying to solve their pain points while creating a sense of urgency.

As you plan your content, you’ll need to consider what types of messages you'll send. Are you going to focus on social media posts? Time-limited deals or giveaways? Cold-call sales pitches?

There are many ways to go about it, and because it’s a blitz, it's a good idea to consider more than one medium for sales prospecting. However, you must tailor your messaging to the content you create and its audience.

4. Align sales and marketing teams

Aligning the team requires a couple of things. First, the marketing team and sales reps need to know about the blitz, its duration, and its goals.

If your marketing team is on board and creates great content to support your efforts, your sales force should be able to keep up with the sudden jump in demand.

It might also be necessary to provide training to each sales team. If you’re pushing a new product, your team needs to know about it.

Overall, you want your messaging to be consistent throughout the blitz. If various texts are sent saying that the sale is available for Labor Day weekend and the PPC ads advertise it for early October, you have an obvious problem. Even subtle messaging conflicts can hinder your success, so take the time to coordinate and align your messaging.

5. Measure and review metrics

One of the advantages of a sales blitz is that you can test new marketing ideas. What use is your test if you don’t measure your progress?

Keep track of how many messages you send and how. Follow up on how prospects contact you and what your conversions look like. Go through all of the traditional analytics. They’re essential and can provide insight into things you would never guess on your own.

When you review your campaign metrics, you can get specific and see exactly how well each facet of the blitz worked. You can figure out why numbers spiked (or didn't) and use that to inform the rest of your marketing moving forward.

Ensure you have tracking and analytics tools before you launch the blitz. Otherwise, you might miss this valuable opportunity.

Tips for a successful sales blitz

Here are some tips to help you push your blitz to its greatest potential:

Streamline your strategy

Sure, you can run a blitz that uses every type of marketing and outreach tactic out there, but if you do that, you will make it more challenging to see what works best. Instead, narrow your sales strategy down to a few sales blitz ideas and really steer into them.

As a marketing blitz example, you can try a new pay-per-click ad campaign to determine how well it does. If you pair that with a massive TV ad campaign, the two sales efforts might overlap and dilute your results, making it less clear which method was the most successful.

Rotate blitzes

You can schedule a blitz rotation that allows you to test different marketing tactics without too much overlap. If you space out your blitzes, you won’t overwhelm your audience and can get the best results.

Take advantage of regional tools

Many marketing and outreach tools can narrow efforts to specific geographic regions. Take advantage of this if you're targeting a particular regional audience. You can spend less money by creating a smaller campaign and optimize your sales blitz.

Drive results with a sales blitz

A sales blitz can be an effective way to build anticipation and excitement around a product or service. It can also raise brand awareness and help make your business more profitable. However, you must tailor your messaging to your target audience and align marketing and sales teams.

Our range of marketing tools makes running a successful sales blitz campaign easy. Use automated email marketing to move consumers through the sales pipeline or targeted ads on social media to advertise your limited sale. Try Mailchimp today.

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