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Visualizing Your Mailchimp Data With Microsoft’s Power BI

Recently, Microsoft approached us about integrating with their Power BI analytics platform. We’re excited to announce our new partnership with them, especially because of what it means for our customers. Now, when Mailchimp users connect their accounts with Power BI, they can visualize their email data in ways they haven’t before. And that means bringing it to life with interactive dashboards like this one:

But more than that, integrating Power BI and Mailchimp gives small business owners the power to analyze their email marketing analytics in ways traditionally reserved for data scientists. Empowering those users to dig deeper into their data without any coding skills is a great opportunity for us to help them do more with the information that’s already available to them. And since this analysis can be done with very little extra effort on their parts, it democratizes the process for any skill level.

The Power BI platform allows Mailchimp users to import their account data in a read-only format where they can start manipulating it to gain insight into any number of metrics. Dashboard marketing analytics provide insight across campaigns and lists, allowing for tons of comparison options. Users can compare metrics across campaigns, see the total number of emails sent from their account, and view total open rates across all campaigns as well as their most active lists.

Want to visualize where your most engaged subscribers are across campaigns? There’s a map for that. Want to see how your campaigns have done historically based on sending day? There’s a graph for that. Thinking about deleting, cleaning up, or combining lists in your account, but you’re unsure which lists are historically more active? There’s a breakdown of campaigns by list for that.

Four unique dashboards come with Power BI: Campaign Overviews, Top Campaigns, Lists Overview, and List Members. And each dashboard becomes further customizable as users dive deeper into their data.

And if you’ve got a data scientist on your team, Power BI provides a raw Excel file of your data. Analyze it on your own terms without having to learn Mailchimp’s API.

Check out Power BI in our integrations directory for more information. Oh, and be sure to let us know which metrics help you the most. Happy analyzing!

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