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The Latest Product updates

What’s new in Mailchimp

We’re excited to share new features that expand what businesses can do with Mailchimp, including more ways to personalize SMS campaigns. Plus, get a preview of upcoming AI-powered features designed to help you drive revenue.

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Coming Soon

Let AI find and win untapped revenue for you

Soon, our AI models will be able to predict which customers are most likely to convert—and help you target them by suggesting high-quality, personalized marketing content.

Scale your multichannel marketing with SMS*

Make SMS an integral part of your marketing strategy

SMS is a powerful way to engage customers with highly relevant, timely messaging. Send abandoned cart notifications, transaction follow-ups, and more with ease.

Latest product updates and enhancements


New options to customize your journeys

Standard and Premium customers can now view if/else conditions directly on the journey map, and use twice as many segment conditions—10 instead of 5.


Upload and view your SMS-only contacts

Stay in touch even without an email address using SMS-only contact profiles and more reliable multichannel contact imports.


Format and customize emails with ease

Take advantage of more flexible tools for styling emails with brand-specific colors and fonts.


Better understand your audience

Use multiple forms—hosted and pop-up—to enhance targeting and gain more insight into where your leads are coming from.

Other enhancements

  • More accurate contact counts

    Get a more accurate count on the number of contacts in multichannel segments and of contacts excluded from an email send.

  • Faster loading times on All Campaigns

    We’ve improved performance and platform usability for the important All Campaigns page.

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These on-demand videos will teach you more about our latest features, so you can take your marketing to the next level.