MailChimp makes powerful marketing products that people love to use, and our engineers make it all possible. They work all over the company—on software and deliverability, on infrastructure and testing, on stuff we’re still in the process of dreaming up. We hire world-class talent, give them the resources and support they need, then turn them loose to do great work.

Small teams, big impact

Whether our engineers are tackling a big project solo or working across departments, they’re empowered to be nimble and autonomous. They solve tough problems every day, and no two days are ever the same.

MailChimp has 15 million users who email 16 billion subscribers, with 12,000 new accounts created every day. Our apps run off thousands of servers and we handle 415,000 queries per second in our primary database layer. Our API, now in v3.0, gets 80 million requests from 25,000 users every day. At its peak, our new Data Pipeline sees up to 800,000 events per second and handles 10,000 requests per second. We helped send 204,383,657,109 emails in 2015, and we’ll top that with 240 billion in 2016.

A home for square pegs

We don’t work like most tech companies, and we don’t look like them either. Our engineers have come to MailChimp from many different paths, and they fill unique roles all over the company. We support the next generation of engineers with lots of opportunities for professional development, including internal apprenticeships and tuition reimbursement for completing or continuing education.

Room to grow

There’s not just one kind of engineer at MailChimp. Some are specialists, others are generalists, and there are always opportunities to grow. With our two flexible ladders—technical and management—that growth can be vertical, horizontal, even diagonal. Our engineers follow their own paths, not rigid organizational structures.

Top-notch benefits

MailChimp offers competitive salaries, generous profit sharing, fully paid healthcare coverage, wellness programs, and plenty of time off for sick days, vacations, volunteering, and parental leave. These benefits are designed to help our engineers do their best work and live their best lives.

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