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How to Maintain Client Relationships

5 keys to cultivating loyal‑for‑life customers

Many successful freelancers actually earn the majority of their income from existing clients—not by chasing after new leads. When you cultivate long-lasting client relationships, you establish your brand as reliable and reputable. Plus, you can refocus the energy you would’ve spent running after leads on growing your business.

After you’ve wowed your clients with your first delivery, here’s how to win back their business again and again and again:

1. Be proactive

Don’t wait for clients to reach out: suggest ways you can continue to improve their business.

Consider this: Watch out for scope creep. If they green light any additional work, be upfront about the costs.

2. Follow up

Show clients you're invested in their success by following-up on a recently completed project. Not only will it keep your incredible work fresh in their minds, but will also demonstrate that you go above and beyond.

Consider this: As your project draws to a close, set a calendar reminder to email clients and check in. Position this meeting as part of the project (and your process), not a “post mortem”.

3. Flaunt it

Maybe you were hired for a one-off job and your client doesn’t realize how your breadth of experience could benefit their business in other ways. Don’t be shy, let them—and everyone else— know.

Consider this: If you’ve acquired any new skill sets or certifications, shout it from the LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok mountain tops.

4. Be Social

Follow your clients on social media and take time to engage with them. Not only will this show your investment in their brand, but you might get some exposure, too.

Consider this: A “like” or “celebrate” goes a long way. (Go easy on the winky faces, though. 😉)

5. Stay in touch

Whether it’s been a month or a year since you last spoke to your client, don’t be shy about reaching out. It can be as simple as an email checking in to see how business is going.

Consider this: If you run across any useful articles that their business would benefit from: pass it on.

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