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Choose a URL for your landing page and a pre-designed template. Then use our drag-and-drop builder to create a page that looks great on any device.

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Simply drag our payments block onto the page and customize it for your product.

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Use Mailchimp to drive traffic to your landing page. Share on social media, create a Facebook or Instagram ad—or send a targeted email.

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  • How to create a sales landing page

    You might be considering creating a sales landing page for many reasons. Perhaps you’re trying to boost sales, promote a special offer, or even bring attention to a fundraiser. Whatever the case may be, creating a sales landing page is simple when you use Mailchimp.

    With Mailchimp’s sales page software, you can quickly create a sleek sales page, which you can then use to promote products, services, or anything else you’d like to get in front of your customers’ eyes. Plus, when you make a sales page through Mailchimp, it’s easy to share it across all channels or incorporate it into other Mailchimp marketing campaigns.

    So how do you create a sales landing page? Here’s the step-by-step process:

    To create a landing page:

    1. Click the Create icon and choose Landing Page
    2. Name your landing page and select an audience
    3. Click Begin

    To design your landing page:

    1. Select from one of Mailchimp’s landing page templates
    2. Customize and add content
    3. Preview your page to get a glimpse of what it looks like
    4. Click Save & Close once you’re happy with the results

    Once a landing page has been created and designed, there are a number of other steps you can take before publishing as well. You can add a page title, add a URL, customize audience tags, and edit other settings. Once you’re satisfied with your sales landing page, simply click Publish to make the page go live on the web.

  • What is a sales landing page?

    A sales landing page is a page that’s created with the intent of showcasing an offer or promoting a product or service. Essentially, the goal of a sales landing page is to make the most out of ad traffic by generating sales. If you publish a well-designed sales page that features a clear call to action, you can effectively convert leads and guide shoppers through the customer journey.

  • How to make sales through a landing page

    The main goal of a sales landing page is to get customers to complete a certain action. In most cases, companies are trying to get a customer to make a purchase on their website. While this sounds simple, converting leads can be more difficult in practice. Thus, you may be wondering how to actually make sales through a sales landing page.

    As we mentioned above, creating a well-designed page with a clear call to action can have a tremendous effect in making sales. Additionally, promoting your sales page on your social media channels can help increase visibility and drive sales. Then, by keeping an eye on analytics, you can monitor key metrics such as clicks and conversions, which enables you to enhance and optimize your sales page over time.

    With Mailchimp’s sales page software, you can do all of this and more. Use Mailchimp to create high-quality sales pages in a matter of minutes and start making more sales.

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