About Email Campaign Archives and Pages

When you send email through Mailchimp, we automatically create a browser-based copy of your campaigns and a free, shareable campaign archive page of your audience's most recent campaigns. Use your campaign pages and campaign archive to share your content with potential subscribers, or limit access to keep your content private.

In this article, you'll learn about email campaign archives and pages.


When we talk about your sent campaigns, we use some terminology that's a bit different from other tools and tasks in Mailchimp.

Campaign Page
The browser-based copy of a sent campaign. Basic Mailchimp templates automatically include a View this email in your browser campaign page link, and you can share your campaign page URLs around the web.

Email Campaign Archive
A free, shareable landing page that displays links to recent campaigns sent to your audience.

Share Sent Email Campaigns

Your email campaign archive helps you promote your content and displays links to the 20 most recent campaigns sent to your audience. Share the link to your archive, or a link to an individual campaign page, so people can easily catch up on your marketing content.

Find your email campaign archive URL among your audience's general signup forms, then share it however you like.

Find Your Sent Email Campaigns

Share a Sent Email Campaign

Hide Content from Email Campaign Archives

If your content should only be seen by your subscribers, or by subscribers in a specific segment, you can limit access to content displayed in your email campaign archive and campaign pages.

Choose which campaigns to display in your archive, hide specific campaign text from campaign pages, or disable the Archive Bar that lets subscribers access your email campaign archive.
Hide Content in Email Campaign Archives and Pages

Customize Your Campaign URLs

Campaign URLs link directly to the hosted, browser-based version of your sent campaign. You can customize parts of your campaign URLs to make them more recognizable to your audience and help promote your brand.

Customize Campaign URLs

Add an Email Campaign Archive to Your Website

If you're comfortable with HTML code, you can embed a custom Mailchimp email campaign archive on your website where visitors can view your recent campaigns. We'll generate the archive code, and you'll add it to your website's HTML and customize to fit your brand.

Add an Email Campaign Archive to Your Website

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