Dynamic Content

Customize your email content for different contacts

Our easy‑to‑use tool helps you optimize your time with messages tailored to the right contacts.

Less effort, more relevance

Dynamically customize your message to multiple contact types and save time.

Personalize faster

No more duplicating emails just to tweak the contacts and content.

No need for coding

Drag and drop content blocks to personalize messages for your unique contacts.

Coffee bag with beans pouring out with a grid for dynamic content placement

Get started with dynamic content

Drag any content block into your email and quickly start personalizing content.

Photo to set field conditions

Choose your target contacts

Select your target contacts using your saved groups and merge tags.

An alert to subscribers from a specific zip code are informed of the business moving.

Personalize your message

Write compelling copy in the text box that resonates with your selected contacts, then repeat with the next block.

Start personalizing your emails with dynamic content.

Available in our Standard or Premium plans.