Check Integration Status

If an integration connected to your Mailchimp account isn't working as expected, check its status from your Mailchimp account. View every integration we offer, and test your active connections to verify the status.

  1. Click the Integrations icon.
    Cursor Clicks - Integrations icon
    Each connected integration has an green icon next to its name. If there is no icon, that integration isn't currently connected or has never been connected to your Mailchimp account.
    Integrations Page - Integration status
  2. Click the name of the integration or its icon to view the connection status.
    • If you see a Connect or Authorize Connection button, the integration hasn't been correctly connected.
    • Click the Connect button to initiate a connection.
      If you're connected but not receiving data, click on the Test Connection button to make sure the connection is live.
      Cursor Clicks - Test Connection - Integrations Page

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