Resolve the Default Content Alert

When you design a new email, Mailchimp includes default content to help you along the way. Our default images, text, and links can help show you how to use each section of your message. We'll stop you from sending an email that has any leftover default content, so you don't accidentally send it to your contacts.

In this article, we'll show you how to resolve the default content alert so you can send your campaign.

Fix the Alert

To update default content so you can send your email, follow these steps.

  1. In the Content section of the Campaign Builder, look for the default text content alert.
    content section will include a default text alert
  2. Click Resolve.
    click resolve
  3. Locate the default text, image, or link, and click it to open the editing pane for the content block.
  4. Replace the content or use the trashcan icon to remove the content block.
  5. Click Save & Continue.

All clear! Once you've replaced or removed the default content in your email, you should be able to send.

Default Content Examples

Sometimes, default content can be a little tricky to find, especially if it’s hidden behind a link or a button.

Here are some places you should look.

Text Blocks

Comb through your content to make sure there’s no default text like, “It’s time to design your email“ or “Showcase your products.” Almost all templates have some of this text, and each template is a little different.

Here’s an example of a text content block with the default content intact:

What to fix:

The default copy in this example explains how to use a text block. Replace the wording here to resolve the default content alert.

Image Blocks

Most of our emails include a few gray default images with instructional text like, “Drop an image here.” Check your layout to make sure that all default images are replaced with your brand’s images.

Here’s an example of an image content block with a default image:

What to fix:

The default image in this example says, “Add a photo here.” Replace it with your own branded image, or remove the image content block.

Social Follow Blocks

Most Mailchimp email templates have social follow icons to help your contacts follow you on sites like Facebook or Twitter. We’ll link the icons to default sites until you fill out your own information.

Here’s an example of a Social Follow block with default content intact:

What to fix:

In this example, the social follow block links to as a placeholder site, rather than a specific Facebook page related to the campaign. Update each website link in the social follow block to resolve the default content alert.

Button Content Blocks

Some templates have default buttons that you’ll need to customize with your own URLs. Make sure all buttons in your email connect to sites relevant to your brand.

Here’s an example of a button that’s still linked to some default content.

What to fix:

In this example, the Find Out More button links to a blank website. Instead, the link should go to a site for a product or service that’s relevant to the campaign. Update and save the new URL to clear the default content alert.

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