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14 Lorem Ipsum Generators to Spice Up Your Designs

Liven up your web layout wireframes and mockups with one of these lorem ipsum generators.

When you land on a sample web page or open an email template and see content beginning with "lorem ipsum," the page creator placed that apparent gibberish there on purpose. Page layouts look better with something in each section. Web page designers, content writers, and layout artists use lorem ipsum, also known as placeholder copy, to distinguish which areas on a page will hold advertisements, editorials, and filler before the final written content and website designs receive client approval. Fun Lorem Ipsum text may appear in any size and font to simulate everything you create for your campaigns.

What is lorem ipsum, and when did publishers begin using it?

Past lorem ipsum served the same purpose for written content as stock photos do now. The original lorem ipsum used a section of a book called "De Finibus Bonorum et Dolorem," written by the Ancient Roman author Cicero. Old-style printing presses required tedious hand-setting of each letter and punctuation mark. So instead, workers would create type specimen books using preset words and paragraphs from Cicero's treatise to save time.

What does Lorem Ipsum text say?

Printers in the 1500s scrambled the words from Cicero's "De Finibus Bonorum et Dolorem'' after mixing the words in each sentence. They abbreviated the word Dolorem, which means pain, to the phrase lorem, which does not have an actual meaning. Ipsum means itself. Lorem Ipsum, then, refers to your pain. The word "sham pain" in the song by Five Finger Death Punch in modern music lyrics corresponds to lorem ipsum.

Why use a lorem ipsum generator?

If everyone used the identical lorem ipsum copy, search engines would flag it for plagiarism and downgrade the site for its lack of helpful content for the reader. However, when you send sample layouts filled with fun lorem ipsum to your customers, they will focus on the look and feel of the page instead of digging into and arguing about the content. Nevertheless, lorem ipsum generators do not spew a random bank of words and paragraphs.

A/B testing copy

Dummy text sections filled with fun lorem ipsum make it easier to swap out one web page, letter, or email version with another. For example, in a Mailchimp bulk email campaign, send these multiple versions during A/B testing to discover which call to action garners the desired response.

In addition, placeholder text stands out when eyeballed, ensuring that you overwrite the correct paragraphs before updating and reissuing past appeals. Your lorem ipsum generator can also provide multiple versions of a section of text on a single page surrounding the real test message.

Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes

When your page includes dedicated advertising and editorial slots that do not vary from issue to issue, using dummy copy allows you to preserve the total possible letter or word count. Blocking out that space in your Mailchimp wireframe or mockup ahead of time will enable you to create banners, buttons, and headers to help announce and maintain your brand and highlight the page or email's flavor or "voice."

Seasonal and recurring themes

Dummy text generators may contain seasonal words instead of scrambled Latin for your web page designs. Picture the Christmas favorite, "All I Want for Christmas Is You," translated into Latin and scrambled before you pepper it into the spaces on your favorite web page design theme. Then, print those Latin lyrics onto card stock to create business cards, gift tags, and paper ornaments. Think of it as sampling, the way rap artists use the hooks that repeat throughout their work.

Imagine that you translate Lizzo's "Good as Hell" into Latin. Then, print the lyrics, chop them into single words, toss them in the air, and use them in the order they landed on the floor to create placeholder text for your single people's Valentine's Day blog. You just completed your first randomized lorem ipsum copy. Any Lizzo fans who also know ancient languages will appreciate the nod to their favorite artist. Of course, printing the lyrics to toss them in the air would be ridiculous. Precisely for this reason, randomized text generators exist.

Avoiding offensive lorem ipsum content

Tossing your favorite band or singer's song lyrics into a translator to generate lorem ipsum may sometimes produce offensive content. Avoid this by removing vulgar or explicit words from the original, uncensored lyrics before running them through the translator to create your word bank. Use the "find and replace" feature in your favorite online word processing program to make this easier. Then, load your cleaned-up sample text into a generic random text generator and set the number of words or lines of necessary placeholder text for your layout.

Hobby and interest-based place-holding text generators

1. Pirate ipsum

The randomized scurvy dog Pirate Ipsum text generator already exists for those who publish nautical or pirate-related content. Select your words per sentence, number of sentences per paragraph, and the total number of sections, and click "Get Me Ipsum" to obtain a screed in pirate slang. For example, you could use it before updating the landing page for the Blessing of the Fleet in Biloxi, Mississippi.

2. Cupcake ipsum

Do you own a bakery or cake decorating business? Then Cupcake Ipsum will provide a layer of paragraphs with a pastry chef in mind. This dummy text generator includes words like halvah, tiramisu, macaroon, and other confections that allow you to be sure that your sugary placeholder message resonates with your marketing department.

3. Hipsum

Do you prefer a long pour of irony with your dummy text? Have you single-handedly helped gentrify your neighborhood? Do you sell craft beer and artisan bread with your own hand-mixed container garden herb pesto? Then Jason Cosper's Hipster Ipsum generator will provide you with the gastropub mumblecore your email marketing campaign needs.

4. Bob Ross ipsum

Are you an artist or crafter? Do you miss the soft-spoken, soothing words of Bob Ross as he painted happy little trees, cabins, and waterfalls? Then enter the number of paragraphs of dummy text you need, add the minimum and maximum Bob Ross quotes per paragraph, and click the "Go Crazy!" button. If you find yourself feeling exceptionally lazy, you can even opt to add <p> tags to your placeholder content. Leave those out if you intend to translate your Bob Ross Ipsum before using it in your web page designs.

5. Corporate ipsum

If you prefer your incoherence in English, press "generate!". You will receive up to 100 paragraphs of the most incomprehensible corporate jargon to ever grace a quarterly report. No need to run this industrial disaster through a translator. If you did, the algorithm would run screaming into a corner, rocking and sucking its thumb drive. Take care, however. Using Corporate Ipsum may backfire. Middle managers with a penchant for using the words "agile" and "disruptive" in every Zoom meeting might think your dummy text should be this quarter's call to action.

6. Blind text generator

Why limit yourself to Cicero if you use someone else's words as your placeholder content? Why limit yourself to Cicero? Try Kafka's wry humor and piercing irony instead. In addition to a paragraph limit of 99 and a 9,999-word count, you can enable <p> tags, change the font, letter spacing, and alignment, use bold, underline, and strike-through text, change font families, and capitalize or lower-case everything. Set this Blind Text Generator to Pangram, which makes Jabberwocky look sensible.

7. Free formatter lorem ipsum generator

Free Formatter specifies that their Lorem Ipsum generator costs nothing. However, you may only select up to 50 paragraphs, 250 sentences or list items, and up to 5000 words. If you choose "yes" in the drop-down menu, your sample content will include <p> tags. Google Translate considers the resulting sample content to be Latin.

8. Lorem ipsum: Generator, origins, and meaning

This multilingual random filler copy tool generates dummy paragraphs in five languages: English, German, Spanish, French, and Cyrillic. Enter the desired number of sections, then click on the Generate Copy buttons. You can generate up to 99 paragraphs.

9. DeLorean Ipsum Text Generator

Fans of the movie Back to the Future or classic car lovers will get a belly laugh from this random filler copy generator. Select up to 9 paragraphs, sentences, or words. You can enter higher numbers, but the page will crash if you do not limit your aspirations.

10. Skate ipsum

Do you own a skateboard shop selling customized decks? Have you perfected your Ollie and need a place to post your gnarliest face plant? Do you need placeholder text for your upcoming inventory reduction sale on the past year's unsold custom order skateboard designs? Allow Skate Ipsum to provide the sickest coffin ride you've ever taken. Land up to 20 paragraphs, choose a stance: text, HTML, or JSON, and click Shred to generate the filler you need.

11. Fairy tale ipsum

Across the pond lives web developer Armon Bigham, lover of coffee and creator of the magical Fairy Tale Ipsum Generator. Enter a plea for up to 20 paragraphs, slide the Fairy Tale Start or Fairy Tale End buttons and click Generate. Remember, sorcerers need their power source close at hand, so click the Buy Me a Coffee button if you live happily ever after using the resulting dummy text everywhere.

12. Cool generator random text generator

Try Cool Generator. This random text generator allows you to select one of fifteen languages, three dummy text lengths, and two formats: plain text and HTML. Click generate and rearrange the paragraphs to suit your needs. For best results, create some dummy copy in the other fourteen languages before mixing and matching your lorem ipsum paragraphs.

13. Pseudo-scientific jargon generator

Boasting 1,028,160 possible paragraphs, creator David Barrows trolls those he calls "crystal-worshiping New Agers." Refresh the page to generate additional sections using the Pseudo-scientific Jargon Generator. Troll your conspiracy theory-spouting uncle at your next holiday gathering.

14. Random foodie menu generator

If you run a food truck, restaurant, or cafe, this random menu generator will take the guesswork out of making sure every ingredient plays three or more roles in your menu. Click the Randomize again button to receive a menu item description. Attempt to create the stated dish. If you succeed, add it to your open menu, web page, and social media posts.

How do I create my own lorem ipsum text?

First, you need a word bank: words and phrases that will provide the possible sentences and paragraphs you can create. Use the find and replace tool in your preferred online word processing program. You can select your favorite blocks of text, including conversations from your direct messaging app, pages from favorite childhood books, song lyrics, or even a collection of social media posts and discussions. Next, search the text for offensive words and phrases before running it through a translation tool if you wish to produce a Latin version. Finally, translate before scrambling the text using any listed random dummy text generators.

Check out a few lorem ipsum samples below.

Country music

Country road tractor pickup beer wine whisky truck ticks banjo fiddle Devil farm pasture cattle dog hound blue tick hunting gun rabbit squirrel honky-tonk bull ride tar shack barn hay bale wife left blue jeans badonkadonk Jolene Rocky Top Tennessee Alabama, Carolina Indiana Mississippi cornfields truck stops diner deals long haul big rigs CB boot scoot hoedown county fair slow down farm stands junior fairs hog tying grange halls feed store catalog Memphis moonshine hammer down white lines quilting bees shivarees hardy souls bean poles chicken feed chickweed duck ponds savings bonds canning jam smoking ham tractor pulls in bandstands poke weed take heed cabin life milkweed lost loves white doves barrel racing stock chasing branding irons and radio stations Patsy Cline cherry wine farm life whittling knife.

Artist in residence

Paint tray watercolor stretched frame oil pastel primary colors sketchbook paintbrush, marker crayon pencil charcoal ink mandala gallery art show miniature portrait wall art spritz sprinkle spatter spray paint graffiti palette sculpting tools potter's wheel ceramic mugs resin earrings findings gild hammer twist smear pour burn braid macramé tie knots weave cut paste glue mash wash rinse gel gesso armature build create inspire fill crop resize enter lifetime maker space piece arrange

Christmas list

Holiday mince pie candle carol lullaby gift wrap Advent wreath eggnog fast asleep kerchief cap and nightgown Santa sleigh all over town chimney slide rooftop Dasher Dancer spinning top Prancer Vixen candy cane Donder Blitzen toy airplane bicycle Teddy bear bows for little Suzie's hair decorations light strings RC cars and fairy wings plum pudding cherry tarts fruit cake go-karts angels dolls and drummer boys puzzles, church bells five gold rings duck goose pheasant beef candied yams, and taffy teeth open gifts Christmas Day midnight mass school holiday winter snow ice skates snowman building roof rakes.

Book passages

Select a few pages from your favorite book. Then, using the text-to-speak feature on your phone, laptop, or tablet, read each page aloud to create your word bank. Eliminate duplicate words and phrases. If desired, run your word bank through Google Translate. Then load your word bank into a generic placeholder text generator.

Assembly instruction sheets

Mix the words from all the owner's manuals, or you can use assembly instruction sheets. Use the results to create challenging dummy text. If you wish, you might reward readers who recognize the manuals that birthed your beloved bespoke lorem ipsum.

Seek feedback

Once you add your lorem ipsum to your mockup and prototype pages, emails, and advertising copy, ask for feedback on font size, column height, width, and placement on the page. Because Lorem Ipsum is essentially gibberish, your alpha and beta testers will provide more helpful feedback regarding features you need to change.

Once you have fine-tuned your web page, ad campaign, email blitz, or an ebook, remove all remaining lorem ipsum. A randomized generator that uses strike-through text, such as the Blind Text Generator, simplifies recognizing dummy text. You successfully launch your accurate content when you do not see any strike-throughs after your final edit.

How to eliminate lorem ipsum: Pay a bounty

Hold a Lorem Ipsum scavenger hunt on your newly-launched website after any updates. Provide cash or prizes to all users who highlight any Lorem Ipsum text your final edits missed. Do the same for missing, misused, or misspelled words. Your web page analytics will skyrocket as these grammatical and stylistic errors disappear, and your opening rates, conversions, and profits will soar.

Visit each of the Lorem Ipsum generators listed and test them for yourself. Use each to create separate web pages, emails, ads, and social media posts. Keep trying each generator until you feel comfortable using it. When ready, create themes and templates to sell to fellow content creators.

Don't forget the merchandise! Print your Lorem Ipsum copy on T-shirts, coffee mugs, buttons, keychains, hoodies, pet food bowls, and mouse pads. Congratulations! You just now launched a completely new alternate income stream!

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