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FM Chimp connecting your FileMaker Pro database with Mailchimp.

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FM Chimp connects your new or existing FileMaker Pro database with the Mailchimp platform. Lightning fast & rock solid: server sided technology offering fully automated exchange. Offering a powerful alternative instead of error-prone client sided solutions. Fusing the world's most user friendly databases with the world's most powerful email marketing solution.

With FM Chimp we supply you with the necessary PHP & FileMaker scripts to let you connect your FileMaker solution to your Mailchimp account.

The current and production version of FM Chimp utilizes the v2.0 Mailchimp API. Currently FM chimp supports the following features: - Automatically add contacts from your FileMaker database to your Mailchimp list - Define custom FileMaker fields to be used as Mailchimp groupings. Allowing for easy segmentation.

  • Example: Your company already uses a FileMaker Pro database for storing customer data. Today your customer has expressed an particular interest in "web development" and "mobile apps". So you would like to store these interests in your Mailchimp account. These interests can now be market using a checkbox set in FileMaker that stores the data in a value list. FM Chimp recognizes a new contact and synchronizes the contact including the interest fields to Mailchimp. Once your company want to send out a mailing it can now do so using a specific targeting method based on all your customer data stored in FileMaker without having to worry if all the information is up-to-date.

FM Chimp consists of:

  • A open & customizable FileMaker file Handling all the logic of the Mailchimp exchange. Simply connect your or the custom FileMaker solution of your customers by creating a single FileMaker occurrence.
  • PHP Files Connecting the FileMaker database to the service of Mailchimp. Exchanging subscriber & CRM data between the Mailchimp service and the FileMaker database.
  • Easy documentation - Allowing you to quickly integrate any FileMaker database with the Mailchimp service. We designed FM CHIMP to have the absolute minimal implication on existing FileMaker solutions you want to connect with.
  • No time, too complicated? As a Platinum FileMaker Partner with over fourteen years of experience we can assist with the implementation.
  • Product roadmap - Currently we are beta testing the member statistics functionality. Allowing FM Chimp users to store and act upon all Mailchimp list member activity. Communicating sends, opens, clicks with the time and date back to your FileMaker solution. Allowing customers to build custom reporting functions and actions based on the activities undertaken by the list members.
  • Mailchimp takes the guesswork out of Email Marketing, combining a variety of common automation tasks. Use custom triggers based on the data of your FileMaker solution. "Sending out Newsletters & Email Campaigns is no longer a tedious, manual task. FM CHIMP does the job for you." Curious about the features?

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