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Let’s get growing

Take the next step for your brand with our power-packed Marketing Essentials plan—more smarts, support, and room to grow, starting at $13/month.

Essentials: What’s included

Customer Journey Builder

Build simple yet powerful journeys with up to four actions that help guide customers down the path to purchase.

Email and Chat Support

Our award-winning support teams are here to give you the help you need, when you need it.

100+ beautiful email and landing page templates

Build better campaigns in minutes with our library of mobile-responsive, pre-designed templates.

Do more with an Essentials plan

  • Insights and analytics

    Find out what works best with A/B testing—shortened feedback cycles mean you can learn and iterate quickly.

  • Enhanced access

    Get 3 seats instead of 1 for added editing control.

  • Room to grow

    With a higher ceiling of contacts and monthly sends, you can build your audience and reach them more often.

  • More audiences

    Create and maintain 3 separate audiences within the same account, allowing you to segment and target with ease.

  • Custom branding

    Let your brand take center stage. Remove our logo from all emails so that yours can shine.

Looking for even more?

With our Standard plan, experienced marketers can scale and save time with advanced automation features and more data-powered tools—starting at $20/month.

You’ve got a good thing growing

Don’t stop now. Take the next step and get the Essentials plan today.

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