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About Data Subject Access Reports

Certain data protection laws, including those in Europe, California and elsewhere, grant individuals the right to access the personal information an organization processes about them. At Mailchimp, we call this a data subject access request (DSAR).

In this article, you'll learn how to read your DSARs.

Things to know

  • Where Mailchimp acts as a processor or Service Provider, we cannot provide information held about you in our Member’s account, although we do provide you with other information that we process in that capacity.
  • To learn more about Mailchimp’s privacy practices, please review our Global Privacy Statement.
  • To learn more about other privacy rights you may be able to exercise, please visit our privacy rights request page here.
  • If the report you download is empty, Mailchimp is not processing any of your personal information.

Understanding the report

Your report is downloaded as a .zip file that you must unzip in order to review the information it may contain. Here is an example of the folders your unzipped file may house:

  • - This is the file you will download from the email you receive from Mailchimp. Unzip the file to access the main folder.
  • Dsar folder - This is the main folder that may house sub-folders grouped by each of our Members who are the primary controllers of your personal information. You may also receive two additional zip files called “Mandrill.csv” and/or “TinyLetter.csv”. If these files are not present, it means Mailchimp does not process information about you as a controller in those Services.
  • User_[number]list[number]- Represents each Member and each audience within their Mailchimp account where your personal information is found.
  • Open_click_user_agent.csv - This file represents the personal information collected about you when the controller (our Member) chooses to use open and click tracking.

Within each User_[number]list[number] folder, you may find some or all of these files depending on how the controller (our Member) is using the services to interact with you:

  • list.csv: This file includes subscription status, opt-in details, name, and other information. To learn more about other information found in this file, please read About Contact Profile Pages.

  • Member_login_data.csv: If you are also a Member of Mailchimp, this file will include the information associated with your login profile(s).

  • mandrill.csv: This file includes information related to transactional emails.

  • ecommerce_addresses.csv: If an email address has any physical address info passed via the ecom API we include it in the DSAR

  • campaign_interactions.csv: This file includes campaign actions, including campaigns sent to your email address, campaigns you unsubscribed from, campaigns sent to your email address where a bounce was recorded, and campaigns you reported as spam through your email client (abuses).

  • opens.csv: This file includes a timestamp, IP address, and other details.

  • clicks.csv: This file will include a timestamp, IP address, and URL details.

  • Appointments.csv: This file will include details related to any services you booked with the Member.

  • SMS.csv: This file will include details related to your opt in to a Member's SMS program.

If you have any additional questions about the report, please submit your question here.