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Bringing a New Platform Experience to Intuit Mailchimp with Built-In, Generative AI

Reflecting on one year as Mailchimp’s CEO and introducing Intuit Assist

It’s been just over one year since I had the honor of taking on the role of Intuit Mailchimp’s CEO. It’s a moment that makes me reflective, grateful to be where we are right now, and so energized about where we’re headed.

Our customers and partners have had a big year, too, and I’ve had the opportunity to hear from so many of you about your successes and challenges. Not only did it feel like we were collectively shaking off the dust coming out of the pandemic together, we were also grappling with a turbulent economic outlook and experiencing the disruptive, yet exciting, introduction of generative AI. In fact, a recent study we conducted showed that nearly 90% of marketers know they need AI to be competitive, but only 50% have adopted it.

We’re building AI into our platform, not adding it on

The demands on you are higher than ever, and we’re making sure our platform has AI seamlessly built in so you don’t have to add learning another tool to your to-do list. At Mailchimp, we’ve been focused on solving this challenge by shaping a future where you can leverage AI to improve performance, be guided toward the next best steps to engage your audience, and have more of your marketing done for you.

That’s why I’m excited to share that we’re taking a revolutionary step forward in marketing by launching Intuit Assist in Mailchimp, a GenAI-powered marketing assistant that helps you generate content, deeply personalize your marketing, and optimize your marketing strategy by unlocking insights from all of your customer data.

Intuit Assist will be the always-on marketing assistant that knows your brand, understands what your customers want from you and when, knows the details of how your marketing has performed in the past, and surfaces up those insights to give you the best advice on what to do next—it can even take things off your to-do list if you want it to. And we’re building all of this so when you ask Intuit Assist to do something for you, it will truly understand what you’re asking of it with your natural language prompt.

Intuit Assist is a generative AI assistant that will provide personalized, intelligent recommendations to help 100 million customers across Intuit make smarter decisions with less work and complete confidence. With Mailchimp’s history of serving marketers and small businesses over the past two decades and Intuit’s rich data platform and pioneering AI foundations, the insights and content that Intuit Assist in Mailchimp will offer are contextual and built with marketing best practices.

Intuit Assist will do your marketing with you and do it for you

Let’s consider all the possibilities this could open up for what you’re able to do in a given day.

E-commerce marketers, you won’t need to design an email campaign from scratch every time you launch a new product. Your connected commerce integration will have already shared that new product update with Mailchimp, and the next time you sign in, you’ll see a new product announcement promotion campaign—from subject line to CTA and your product imagery—generated for you with your brand identity already incorporated.

Marketers, you’re going to save so much time with our in-line email editing experience. With Intuit Assist, you can select prompts like lengthen, change tone, shorten, correct spelling/grammar, or even ask for things like “rewrite this as a product announcement and make it short,” all within our email builder.

Jack Tadd, the managing director of Warm Glass UK, has been using Intuit Assist (beta) in our email builder to create compelling email campaigns. He told us, “The copy is a perfect starting point, and making changes would take just a few minutes rather than taking half an hour. It’s like having that digital assistant that allows you to become an editor rather than a writer.”

And that’s only what’s available now.

What Intuit Assist will soon do for you

  • You can soon have segments generated for you with natural language prompts like “create a segment for customers who visited my website, looked at apparel products, but didn’t buy any last month.” This is going to enable so much personalization at scale across your marketing, and we know the power of segmenting your audience. Mailchimp customers see a 33% higher click rate when they segment their campaigns than when they don’t, and the best part is you won’t have to do that manually anymore.
  • With Intuit Assist, you’ll be able to leverage generated content, like email copy elements and images, to accomplish the tasks you need done at that moment. We’ll even give you inspiration if you don’t know where to start, so you can select fresh and creative content that works for you, edit it, and get moving quickly.
  • Intuit Assist will generate e-commerce automations for you based on your brand and insights from previous campaign performance. With one click, you’ll be able to turn on automations like Welcome New Contacts, Recover Lost Contacts, Abandoned Cart for retargeting, and more, to reach your audience and convert.
  • If your business has a longer sales cycle or lead qualification process, you’ll be able to use AI to automatically draft responses to potential clients through your Mailchimp Inbox. Our AI-powered customer relationship management features will make prioritizing leads and automating follow-ups a breeze, so you can take on higher-value clients and more profitable work.

Email marketing expert and Mailchimp Pro Partner Emily Ryan recently told us that having the ability to generate proposals and estimates to automate her sales pipeline is going to remove one of the most tedious aspects of her business. “I love how this feature customizes each response to the client and addresses exactly what they need—because that’s what I try to do in every reply. It's casual, and it sounds like my voice.”

Looking back, looking forward

When I think about the past year, I’m so proud of all the work we’ve accomplished at Mailchimp to serve you: we released new generative AI features, hosted our first in-person conference for customers in the UK, launched SMS and 150+ other new and updated features, translated our app into 5 new languages, launched our first global marketing campaign with “Guess Less, Sell More,” launched Give Where You Live in support of local non-profits, and won the Ad Age In-House Agency of the Year award. Phew!

And we’re just getting started. Building Intuit Assist and generative AI into the Mailchimp platform marks a new chapter for us, and it’s going to unlock unprecedented benefits for marketers.

We can’t wait to see what this does for you.

Rania, CEO

A strong commitment to responsible AI and data stewardship

Intuit Assist has been built in keeping with the company’s commitment to data privacy, security and responsible AI governance. For nearly a decade, Intuit has been innovating with AI, and its robust data and AI capabilities are foundational to the company’s success as an industry leader in the financial technology sector. Intuit safeguards customer data and protects privacy using industry-leading technology and practices, and adheres to responsible AI principles that guide how the company operates and scales its AI-driven expert platform, with its customers' best interests in mind.

Pricing and availability

Intuit Assist is currently available at no additional cost to Intuit customers. Access to certain enhancements may be subject to Mailchimp plans.

In-line email editing enhancements and generated new product announcements are available now to select customers in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada in beta.

With the exception of in-line email editing enhancements and new product announcements, all other Intuit Assist-powered features are coming soon.

This information contains forward-looking statements, including our expectations regarding the functionality and availability of current or future features. Because these forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, there are important factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from these expectations, as described in our SEC filings. This represents no obligation to deliver future features and should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. Additional terms, conditions and fees may apply.

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