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A Few Last‑Minute Father's Day Email Inspirations

Father’s Day is this weekend, and if you’re like me, you’re still figuring out what to do for your dad. It would be easy enough to grab a cheesy tie and some whiskey stones, but I’m looking for a gift that’s funny, meaningful, and memorable.

If you’re a small business owner, you might be having similar thoughts about your email marketing campaigns. What’s the best way to stand out amid inboxes stuffed with "last chances to save" and fatherly gifts guides?

We recently touched on the power of good copywriting, showing how trendy subject lines can (and sometimes can’t) help your emails. But there’s something to be said for clever ideas, inventive strategy, and gorgeous design, too. Here are a few examples of fun Father’s Day campaigns from some of our favorite Mailchimp users.

Ledbury chooses your dad’s adventure

I like Ledbury’s approach because it takes the work out of getting cool clothes for your dad (or husband or brother or even yourself—heck, I won’t tell). Fashion-clueless folks like myself can really use a helping hand now and then, and Ledbury lays out your outfits so you can’t mess anything up.

Another good one: Topo Designs made up some dad personas (Camp Dad, New Dad, Urban Dad) to make buying gifts even simpler for the shopping-impaired.

Letting your #FreakFlag fly

If you’ve got an irreverent brand, your customers won’t mind if you get a little weird on them—that’s what they signed up for. Here, the kinda freaky Freaker piggybacks on the success of a ridiculous trend and makes it even more ridiculous with emojis and goofy cultural references.

Another good one: Social Print Studio held a dad joke contest, then celebrated the winner with GIFs, gags, and a gift card.

Batch does the work for you

This Batch email puts a spin on the concept of "buying local" while playing up the emotional connections people have for places. And the design does all the heavy lifting. If your dad’s told the story of his "wild weekend on Beale Street" more times than you care to count, maybe you should buy him the "From Memphis" box.

Another good one: Mouth Foods is also a snack purveyor with fantastic emails. (Effective, too—I got my mom a "Picnic With Kanye" for Mother’s Day.)

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