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75 Blog Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Dealing with writer’s block? We’re here to help. Check out these 75 blog ideas to inspire you to write your next blog post.

Creating and writing a blog has come a long way from the old days when blogging was new. Blog is short for weblog, which many people have probably forgotten. In the beginning, blogs were used for private journaling, similar to a diary. People wrote them for themselves.

Eventually, blogs became a way for stay-at-home parents to earn some money. Many of these blogs were written by parents for other parents. They featured a combination of crafts and game ideas, household advice, recipes, and recommendations of products that parents would need when raising kids while working from home.

The next big change to blogging happened when some entrepreneurs learned that you could make a lot of money by referring readers to products and earning a commission or referral fee. These blogs used their parenting tips to recommend specific products to a wide audience. As their influence grew, so did their earnings.

Then, once they realized that bloggers could drive a lot of business to them, big corporations started doing a portion of their advertising by working with bloggers on special posts for their audience. Additionally, businesses started writing blogs as a way to stay in touch with their prospects and customers via email and social media.

Blogging has evolved but is still a great way to engage your audience, get to know them, and keep them interested in your brand. Using your blog, you can build a unique connection with your followers that will drive traffic and sales to your ecommerce site or brick-and-mortar store.

How to find your brand's voice

You know your brand better than anyone else. But you may find that customers like your brand for different reasons than you do. First, let's define the term "brand voice." A brand voice is the personality of your brand, and you should use it in all of your communications and marketing. If you currently have some content that doesn't reflect the brand voice, you can update it.

There are many ways to determine your brand voice. These include:

  • Talking to people in your company who created the products for your brand.
  • Talking to customer service reps to learn what customers say about the brand.
  • Survey your customers about how they feel about your brand.
  • Consider company communications about the brand.
  • Consider the company mission and values.
  • Run a contest to find the best stories about your brand.

What are different blog niches?

A niche is a small space or narrow topic. In other words, it's a subsection of a greater whole. When it comes to blogging, a niche is a small piece of a larger topic. For example, gardening blogs are popular. A niche topic could be desert gardening, or gardening to attract butterflies and bees.

Instead of having a gardening blog, you could devote your blog to explaining how to garden to attract more butterflies and bees. In fact, gardening to attract butterflies and bees is a very hot topic right now, because pesticides and other factors are causing bees and butterflies to die in alarming numbers. There is a lot of information and ideas for blogging in that gardening niche.

Blogging niches may not get you as many followers as a standard topic blog, but the ones you do get are interested in your niche topic. Finding blog niches is easier than you might think. Start by thinking about a general area of knowledge. Then, keep breaking it down into smaller topics. If you can't research topics online, you can go to your neighborhood library to search.

How to identify your audience

Once you decide on a niche from your list of blogging ideas, you need to figure out who is interested in that topic enough to read your blog. Before you can identify your audience you need to select just a few topics to consider. Then you can do research to see how much interest there is in those topics.

There are several online tools you can use to do research. The goal is to define your audience and your topic by discovering which words and phrases people use when searching about your topic. These words and phrases are called keywords. Then you can find out who the people are who buy in your niche. Once you have a manageable audience to target, you can start creating blog posts.

75 Niche blog ideas

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a potential topic is to make sure you have enough information to write about and that you like the idea of writing about that topic. Otherwise, you'll hate writing, and won't want to create posts. You can use this list of 75 blog niche ideas to start or seek out your own topics.

  1. Create a horror movie blog. Or a blog about other types of movies.
  2. Create a neighborhood watch blog.
  3. Write about questions you've never gotten a good answer for.
  4. Trace back to your childhood teachers and where they are now.
  5. Discuss your travel bucket list and what you need to do to get there.
  6. Write a blog about antique furniture from France.
  7. Ask your family members about topics they're interested in.
  8. Start a blog about watercolor painting.
  9. Create a garden blog about red flowers.
  10. Create a DIY vegetable garden blog for city dwellers.
  11. Write about your favorite thing to cook or bake and how you learned to do it.
  12. Write a blog about whales and what their lives are like.
  13. Start a blog about baby food.
  14. Create a blog about water skiing.
  15. Write a summer activity blog.
  16. Start a homesteading blog.
  17. Write a blog for parents who homeschool.
  18. Write a blog for parents of twins.
  19. Create a blog on all things pumpkin.
  20. Start a blog about costumes.
  21. Create a Renaissance fair blog.
  22. Use your blog to teach jewelry making.
  23. Create a blog about living in England.
  24. Start a blog about keeping your home clean when you're in school or working.
  25. Blog about homemade cleaning products.
  26. Start a blog about your state.
  27. Write a blog about different bodies of water.
  28. Write a blog about canoeing and kayaking.
  29. Write a blog about types of butterflies.
  30. Create a blog for fishermen.
  31. Create a bird-watching blog.
  32. Create an Italian cooking blog.
  33. Start a blog about crazy conspiracy theories.
  34. Start a blog about writing a novel.
  35. Start a blog about writing a graphic novel.
  36. Blog about learning to knit.
  37. Blob about learning to crochet.
  38. Create a blog about sewing.
  39. Create a blog about making baby clothing.
  40. Start a blog about hiking shoes.
  41. Start a blog about being a survivalist.
  42. Blog about where you live, and things to do there.
  43. Blog about the history of circus and performers.
  44. Write a blog about a favorite author.
  45. Write a blog about raising a child with autism.
  1. Write a blog about raising a child with diabetes.
  2. Create a blog about caring for the elderly.
  3. Create a blog about things you'd rather do than pay your rent.
  4. Start a blog about local housing.
  5. Start a blog about decorating small homes and apartments.
  6. Blog about your favorite breed of dogs.
  7. Create a blog from the perspective of your cat.
  8. Create a blog about desserts with recipes and pictures.
  9. Blog about jigsaw puzzles.
  10. Blog about how to solve jigsaw puzzles.
  11. Blog about your favorite mobile apps.
  12. Blog about mobile phones for teens.
  13. Blog about the best streaming services and what they offer.
  14. Write a blog about accessories.
  15. Write a blog about the color blue.
  16. Write a blog about easy hacks for homeowners.
  17. Start a blog about stargazing.
  18. Start a blog about astronomy.
  19. Create a blog about sleep.
  20. Create a blog about the best beds.
  21. Blog about why your cat is stalking you.
  22. Blog about how you manage to work with kids.
  23. Blog about a political cause.
  24. Blog about life as a college student.
  25. Write about cheap ways to decorate your dorm room.
  26. Write a blog about entertaining your grandchildren.
  27. Start a blog about your favorite season.
  28. Start a blog about pumpkin spice.
  29. Create a blog about breeding poodles.
  30. Create a blog about ice sculptures.

What are the best types of blogs to write?

There really is no answer to this question. The best type of blogs to write are ones with a topic you're interested in and enough information to keep posting. If you sell items via a retail or ecommerce store, you can spread the word about your store by blogging about it.

If you can think of something you'd really like to do, that is a great place to start. You can come up with blog name ideas, once you know what topic you've selected.

Encourage your audience to sign up for notifications

The best way to grow your blog following is to create a mailing list or notification list so that you can let your readers know when you add a new blog post or want to communicate with them for another reason. You can encourage people to sign up for notifications with gentle reminders in every post. For a broader following, you can advertise.

Mailchimp has a great email communication system to use to start building your following. You can also use their resources section to learn about blog design best practices. how to write a blog post, and blogging 101.

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