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The SEO Advantage of a Coming Soon Page: Boosting Visibility for Businesses

A coming soon page is a way to boost visibility for your business and attract new customers. Read this guide to learn the SEO advantages of coming soon pages.

A coming soon page may seem like a placeholder for a website or webpage, but it can be a vital tool to help generate interest for your business.

Every page on your website is important, but a professional coming soon page can help you get customers excited about a new product or service. Although initially a placeholder, it does more than simply inform customers that something is coming.

Coming soon pages create anticipation and can pique customer curiosity before a website or page is ready. Keep reading to learn more about coming soon landing pages, why they're important, and when to use them.

A coming soon landing page is a pre-launch page or placeholder for a page that isn't ready because a product, service, feature, or website hasn't launched yet. It's a temporary location for visitors to learn more about something before that part of the website is finalized and ready to launch.

These landing pages typically include just enough information to pique customer curiosity about something, whether it's a product, service, or event. It may offer information such as what exactly is "coming soon," when it's coming, and what customers can expect.

A coming soon landing page also includes a call to action (CTA) that facilitates lead generation, such as a form submission to sign up for email reminders and notifications or links to the company's social media profiles.

This pre-launch page can provide valuable engagement opportunities to generate leads, build email lists, and increase social media followings before the web page is ready.

Coming soon page examples include product and service teasers and promotions. They work similarly to teaser emails with the same goal of notifying customers that something is coming and generating buzz and excitement.

Key elements of a coming soon page

Every coming soon landing page should consist of key elements that attract, inform, and engage visitors. These include:

  • Engaging headline: An engaging headline sets the stage for the coming soon page. It should capture the visitors' attention and communicate what the page is a placeholder for, giving them information about what's to come.
  • Strong CTA: Don't let your coming soon landing pages be just placeholders. Make it work for your business by using a strong CTA that tells visitors what actions to take next. This might include signing up for email newsletters, following social media profiles, pre-ordering a product, contacting your business, etc.
  • Countdown timer: Your landing page should include a launch date to tell customers when to return. A countdown timer can generate a sense of urgency and increase anticipation by showing the time left until the launch. This will make your visitors more interested in viewing the page once it's live.
  • Contact information: Sharing company contact information on your coming soon web page provides them with a way to get in touch if they have questions or concerns. You can include an email address, phone number, or contact form.
  • Captivating visuals: Visuals support your overall message, making it easier to understand and more engaging. You can use a teaser image of a product and an engaging background image to increase anticipation and excitement.
  • Social media links: Incorporating social media links to your coming soon page encourages customers to follow for notifications regarding the launch. It also provides them with an easy way to share information about your coming soon page and product launch.
  • Email subscription form: An email subscription form helps you collect email addresses from visitors who want to be notified of company news, including the launch of a new product or service. This can help build your email list and engage customers even after launch.

Coming soon pages offer several benefits to businesses who want to launch a new product, service, feature, or web page. They're not just a temporary space; instead, you can use them as an engagement tool that gets customers excited about the impending launch.

Here are a few of the benefits of using coming soon pages for your business:

Creates brand awareness

Coming soon web pages build brand awareness by allowing you to introduce your brand, its product, or its service to the public even though it hasn't launched yet.

By showcasing key aspects, such as your brand logo, the product name, colors, and other elements, these pages can help consumers build recognition, which can boost sales later on.

Creates buzz

Coming soon landing pages as part of your marketing campaign can generate excitement and anticipation about an upcoming launch.

By using tools like countdown timers, you can create a sense of urgency that makes visitors more eager to check back at a certain time. In addition, sharing details about the product, service, feature, or website launch can give them a sneak peek that excites customers.

Generates leads

Whether you're using a coming soon landing page as a new website announcement or to create buzz during the pre-launch period, it can serve more than one purpose. For instance, you can use it to generate leads by adding a signup form to collect your visitors' contact information for marketing and sales purposes.

By allowing visitors to sign up for updates, you can build your email list before a website or page is officially live, allowing you to engage with prospects faster to drive sales.

Improves search engine optimization (SEO)

A coming soon landing page can improve SEO by helping your website get indexed by search engines faster if it's new. While domain age may not be a ranking factor, according to Google, the sooner you get your website indexed, the faster you'll get results.

A coming soon page can also help you generate backlinks if it's engaging and worth linking back to. In addition, it allows you to start using your target keywords to help the particular page rank even before the official page has launched.

When launching a new website, product, or service or generating buzz for an event with a coming soon page, it's important to remember that it's the first impression your potential customers may have of your brand.

Early interaction with the coming soon page sets the tone while creating anticipation for a successful launch. Use these best practices to create a coming soon page that builds anticipation, generates buzz, and converts:

Keep it simple

Your coming soon page should have a simple design that makes it easier for visitors to understand the information you share and what to do next.

Always keep your messaging clear and highlight exactly what's coming and when and how customers can stay updated on the most important details. Then, once you create a coming soon page template, you can use the same design for other launches later on.

Use a strong call to action

A well-crafted CTA can encourage visitors to take action on your landing page, whether you want them to sign up for email communications or share the page on their social media accounts. Your CTA should be prominently placed, clear, and easy to understand.

Add social media sharing buttons

Adding social sharing buttons makes it easier for visitors to share your coming soon page with their followers to facilitate word-of-mouth marketing.

The easier you make the process for your visitors, the more likely they are to actually do it, especially if you add a compelling CTA.

A/B test for optimization

A/B testing your coming soon page can help you determine whether it's effective at persuading visitors to take the next step. By testing different page versions, you can determine which elements work best, allowing you to improve headlines, designs, CTAs, and other elements like forms.

Make it mobile-friendly

Your coming soon page should be mobile-friendly since many of your visitors may be viewing the page on their smartphones. Check your page on multiple screen sizes before it goes live to ensure it's easy to follow on different devices.

Track performance

Tracking the performance of your coming soon landing page will provide you with valuable insights to improve upon for next time. You can track page views, engagement, and conversion rates using various analytics tools.

For example, with heat maps, you can determine how far users scroll and which elements are the most engaging. This data can help you understand if your page is working and identify areas for improvement.

When should you use a coming soon page?

A coming soon page can be beneficial in various scenarios by allowing you to engage with your target audience before a launch. Some instances when you can use a coming soon page on your website include:

  • New site launch
  • Product or service pre-release
  • Business rebranding or website redesign
  • Event or conference promotion

In any of these scenarios, you can use your coming soon landing page for list building and lead generation, helping you to connect with prospects before officially launching.

Create anticipation for your business with a coming soon page

An effective coming soon landing page can help you build awareness and build anticipation about an upcoming launch.

It serves as an initial touchpoint for your audience to engage with your brand as part of a comprehensive launch strategy while providing the opportunity to start gathering customer data. Then, you can leverage that customer data to build effective marketing campaigns.

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