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The Benefits of a Strategic Remerchandising

A trick we learned to boost sales.

Hero image for Issue #26: Strategic Remerchandising

Because we make our products in partnership with existing brands, we’ve had to buy a lot more than if we sought out a manufacturer ourselves. And because we had to buy a lot more, we’re sitting on a lot of unsold inventory.

But something happened with the pin collection that helped change that! We decided to offer a bundle of all the pins together at a discounted price. We named the bundle, “Catch ’em All” (I swear we decided to call it that before the Pokemon Go craze.), and offered it at a lower price than it’d cost to buy all the pins separately.

Shopify lets you put a “Regular” and “Sale” price on your items that will create a handy little badge on the product image that alerts customers to the discount.

And it worked! The bundle is the third best selling item in the collection.

Once we launched the notebooks, I had a thought. What if we bundled these as well? So we quickly got a photo of the books together, came up with a name and a product description, and decided on a discounted price. Then we announced the deal to our list.

I wish we’d thought of it before launch, because there were a few people who emailed me that they’d bought all 3 items before the discount. I refunded them the difference because it seemed only fair.

At Freddie and Co., we don’t like the idea of doing too many “sales” since all our profits go to charity and we want to make sure those donations are as big as possible! But getting creative with our merchandising and offering limited runs of free shipping has helped us build a bigger incentive to buy without offering percentage discounts.

Promotions like this work on me all the time when I’m shopping. I love taking advantage of offers like this, so I knew as a seller that it’d be the perfect incentive for our customers.

Based on this experience, we’ve decided to do some re-merchandising of the whole store as a part of our holiday makeover. Melissa and I have a few ideas and we can’t wait to tell you about them.

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