Is Now the Time to Hire Outside Help?

Wondering if you need to hire an outside freelancer or marketing agency? Start by asking yourself the following questions.

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Time and money. Small businesses can always use more of these 2 key things. Outsourcing work to a third-party marketing agency or superstar freelancer can free up invaluable hours while also bringing in revenue opportunities. The good news: finding the right help is easy. Mailchimp has 1,000+ certified, reliable partners in over 40 countries that can help with all your marketing efforts. But how do you know that you’re ready to make the investment? We know, it can be a stressful choice. Here are 5 signs it’s time to hire a Mailchimp partner.

1. Do you no longer know what a weekend is?

If you’re an ultra-busy entrepreneur, that’s great. A swamped schedule is one of those rare, good problems to have. The downside of zero down time is that too many late nights and Saturday work sessions will eventually chew into your own productivity. At a certain point, rest will help you do more in the long run. If you are no longer interested in assuming the mantle of your company’s Chief of Everything—including graphic designer, sales associate and ad buyer—it might be time to consider a Mailchimp partner. They know all the facets of email automation, copywriting, SEO excellence, newsletters and so much more.

2. Do you feel like you’re hitting a creative wall?

No one has all the answers. Not even the CEO of the next billion-dollar unicorn. In fact, a hallmark of many great managers is that they know when and how to ask for help. Do you feel like you are in a creative slow period? It’s nothing to worry about — we could all use some ingenious problem solving input every now and then. And it’s the full-time job of many marketing agencies to come up with innovative ideas to fix your marketing problems. Sometimes, a quick consulting session or two is an effective way of cracking through the proverbial creative wall to reach more customers, retain the ones you have or bolster your brand image.

3. Does hiring someone full-time feel impractical right now?

Hiring a full-time employee is often a black-and-white endeavour: either someone is or isn’t on your payroll. With Mailchimp partners, the arrangement is much more flexible. You can start with a minimal time commitment or a small project, see how you feel about the results you are getting and the relationship you are building. You can always increase the scope of the project as needed. Ultimately, you have the power to determine the scope and the budget. Another bonus: you also don’t have to worry about training—Mailchimp partners are already experts at what they do.

4. Is there a special project (or 10) that you just never seem to check off the to-do list?

Each of Mailchimp’s 13-million businesses offers unique products and services, as does each of Mailchimp’s 1,000+ partners. If you are looking to cross a key project off your marketing to-do list, chances are there is a Mailchimp partner who can accomplish exactly that task. All of our partners are certified in using our eplatform, however they all also offer many other talents. Whether you need to build a new website, launch that easy-to-use online store or redesign your brand’s logo, our expert directory can help you find the right person to make the idea a reality.

5. Do you feel like you are ready to learn something new?

You might not yet be ready to hand over your marketing duties entirely. No problem, we understand. Happily, our partners offer training programs, coaching and tutorials so you or a member of your team can become a Mailchimp expert and master other marketing skills. Whether you are looking to perfect a particular skill (email automation, say), or simply increase your general marketing knowledge, our partners can let you in on all bring up your skills by letting you in on their trade secrets.

Do you see yourself in the above list? It’s probably time to hire some help. Discover how to find the perfect partner for you, or jump right in and check out the Mailchimp experts directory.

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