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Marketing Calendar

Stay on top of it all with our marketing calendar

Keep yourself organized and productive with one clear view into all your campaigns.

Visualize your entire marketing plan

View all of your campaigns in one place to see how everything fits together.

Stay in front of the work

With our scheduling features, you’ll have one less thing to remember—and one less thing to do. Choose our Standard plan to schedule social posts and email in advance.

Make adjustments as you go

Preview your upcoming campaigns and quickly make changes to the content or the schedule.

Baked Delights social posting campaign

Coordinate multichannel campaigns

Easily plan campaigns by bringing together all your emails, social posts, ads, and postcards into one clear view.

Track the progress of your campaigns

Review your past campaigns and access reporting insights in just a few clicks.


  • Yes, there’s a campaign calendar in Mailchimp. This allows you to have a clear view of ongoing and future campaigns in one centralized location. You can even filter out campaigns you don’t want to see by audience. To view your marketing calendar, go to Campaigns and click Calendar View. If you have multiple audiences, make sure to select the specific audience you want to see before selecting Calendar View.

    Not only will you be able to see ongoing and scheduled campaigns, but you can also make quick edits to each without leaving the calendar. Whether you want to change the publishing date or pause an ad, you can with the help of Mailchimp. You’ll also be able to review the progress of your campaigns and access valuable reporting insights right from the calendar.

    With our marketing calendar, you can see how all your campaigns work together to boost your engagement and sales. For example, you can circulate ads to your target audience on social media over the weekend and remind them of your products or services by scheduling an email for Monday. Strategies like this ensure you remain top of mind.

  • Keeping track of multiple campaigns on several platforms can be difficult, even for seasoned marketers. However, multichannel campaigns don’t have to be intimidating, especially when you have access to an all-in-one marketing calendar.

    This type of calendar empowers you to visualize the campaigns you have planned or are in circulation. Campaigns you can view in Mailchimp’s marketing calendar include:

    • Regular emails
    • Social media posts
    • Facebook and Instagram ads
    • Postcards
    • A/B Testing emails
    • Google remarketing ads
    • Plain text emails

    A marketing calendar also ensures important holidays or events don’t slip through the cracks. We understand how busy certain seasons can get, so make sure these crucial opportunities don’t pass you by. With a marketing calendar, you can plan various campaigns weeks or months ahead, allowing you to focus on other vital projects. Now, you can avoid scrambling to create a last-minute campaign and make sure it’s made well in advance.

  • While you can create a marketing calendar on a spreadsheet, Mailchimp’s marketing calendar provides a clear and comprehensive overview of all your campaigns, regardless of the channel used. So, you don’t have to juggle campaigns on different spreadsheets, websites, or applications. Plus, you don’t have to manually add campaigns to the calendar, saving you valuable time in the long run. Instead, all scheduled social posts, ads, and emails are automatically uploaded to your Mailchimp calendar.

    You’ll receive the option to schedule your campaign once you finalize your design and settings, whether it’s a newsletter or postcard. When prompted, simply select your preferred delivery date and time. We can also recommend a send time for maximum engagement with our Send Time Optimization feature. Keep in mind that some scheduling features may only be available to users with Mailchimp Standard or Premium plans.

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