Product Recommendations

Recommend products your customers will love

We'll predict what your shoppers will want to buy next.

Increase sales per open by an average of 150% by including product recommendations in your campaign.

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Give suggestions, get more sales

Product recommendations predict what your customers will want to buy, so you can send emails to encourage them to keep shopping.

Make it easy for shoppers to find what they want to buy

Find your store in our integrations directory, so you can put your sales data to work. We'll rank up to 10 suggestions to show each of your customers. And if your store doesn't have much data yet, we'll pull in your bestsellers.

Target different audiences with tailored promotions

Showcase products to segments of your audience that share specific buyer preferences. Encourage repeat sales by suggesting the right stuff to loyal customers. Reach seasonal shoppers to show them things they're sure to like at a time they're most likely to buy.

Example of an abandoned cart email with a product recommendations block that reads we thought you might like these.

Bring back people who abandon their shopping cart

You have a better chance of getting people to visit your store when they’ve got shopping on the mind. When you add product recommendations to an abandoned cart email, you can suggest new stuff to people you're trying to bring back to your store.

“The product recommendation feature is really cool. It makes each email specific to the customer—I don’t have to do anything. All I did was pull this content block and drop it in the email, and then everyone has a custom email.”

April May, owner of Smudge Ink

See how she customizes the shopping experience

Keep customers coming back to your store

Add product recommendations to any of your email campaigns in a few quick clicks.