About Accidental Abuse Complaints

Mailchimp tracks abuse reports, also known as spam reports or complaints, in each of your campaign reports. Occasionally someone might mark a campaign as spam by accident and contact you to find out how to rejoin your audience.

In this article, you'll learn how to handle accidental abuse complaints.

What happened?

Anytime someone marks one of your campaigns as spam, we remove the contact from your audience and update the abuse reports section of your campaign report.

Unfortunately, we can't remove the complaint from your account record. However, if the abuse report was an accident, the contact can rejoin your audience. There are also a few precautions you can take to help prevent this from happening again.

About Abuse Complaints

What should I do next?

Unless someone contacts you asking how they can get back on your audience, we don't recommend following up about the report.

If someone contacts you about an accidental removal, you can direct them to a couple of solutions. First, they should mark your campaign as safe. Then they can rejoin your audience using the Mailchimp signup form.

To let the inbox know that your future campaigns are safe, ask the contact to find the campaign in their Spam or Trash folder and mark it as "not spam" or "not junk." The process will vary for different inboxes.

If someone has asked to rejoin your audience, use double opt-in and send them a link to your Mailchimp signup form. The Mailchimp form's double opt-in verification is important for our records when there's a past abuse complaint on file.

You can help protect your account in the future by using our hosted signup forms to collect contact information and by asking your contacts to add your address to their address book.

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