Find Out Why Someone Unsubscribed

If you have the unsubscribe reason survey enabled, your subscribers will receive a poll after they unsubscribe from your audience. It's not required, but responses we receive are stored in a report for you to review.

To review your unsubscribe reason survey results, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Campaigns icon.
    Cursor Clicks - Campaigns icon
  2. Click Reports.
    Cursor Clicks - Reports
  3. Click the name of the campaign you want to work with.
  4. Click Activity in the navigation and choose Unsubscribed from the drop-down menu.
    Choose Unsubscribed from Subscriber activity
  5. This will bring up a summary of the results of the unsubscribe reason survey.

If you know the name or address of a particular subscriber who unsubscribed, you can find their reason for unsubscribing on their contact profile. Open the profile, and the reason will appear in their activity feed.

Example of an unsubscribe reason in a contact profile.

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