Use Groups to Find Subscriber Preferences

Groups are a great way for subscribers to connect with your brand. They can help subscribers choose what they want to receive, and when they want it, based on preferences and personal interests. This reduces the number of unsubscribes from customers who want content more tailored to their interests, or feel like they’re receiving emails too frequently.

In this article, you'll learn how to use groups to find subscriber preferences and create tailored content.

Create a Group

Use groups to find out what your subscribers like, and what kind of emails they want to receive from you. To get started, you’ll build a group in your Mailchimp audience.

Group Subscribers By Interests

Groups can help you organize subscribers based on their personal interests. For example, if you’re a lifestyle brand you could create a “travel lovers” group with the choice of receiving updates on travel deals, hotel discounts, or top places to dine. This makes it easier to send tailored emails to your contacts later.

Group Subscribers By Mailing Preferences

Groups also help you send the right amount of emails to your subscribers. Create a mailing preferences group to let subscribers choose how often they receive emails. For example, they can elect to receive daily, weekly or monthly emails.

Create a New Audience Group

Ask for Group Preferences

After you set up your group, it's time for subscribers to choose their group preferences on your signup form. You also have the option to add existing subscribers to your group.

How the Form Builder Works

Manage Audience and Signup Form Fields

Add Subscribers to Groups

Update Subscriber Group Preferences

Sometimes an existing subscriber may need to change their group choices. For example, if you have an email preferences group, subscribers may want to update their mailing subscriptions. Give them the option to manage their group preferences by adding an Update Profile Link to your email campaigns with our *|UPDATE_PROFILE|* merge tag. After they click the link they will be taken to the form where they can adjust their group preferences.

Add an Update Profile Link

Manage Audience and Signup Form Fields

Send to Your Group

After your subscribers are placed in a group, you’ll create a segment to send a tailored email campaign to them. To do this, start an email and choose your segment in the Recipients section of the Campaign Builder.

Send to Groups In Your Audience

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