Manage Account Settings on Mobile

The Mailchimp mobile app offers a few ways to manage your account settings.

Here, you’ll learn how to manage your account settings on the go.

Manage Your Settings

With the Mailchimp mobile app, you can manage your Mailchimp accounts, mobile push notifications, domains, and your brand logo. To access your account settings in mobile, follow these steps.

  1. In the Mailchimp mobile app, navigate to the Home tab.
    Mailchimp Mobile Home Tab
  2. Tap your Profile image in the header.

That's it! Now you can manage your account settings from the mobile app.

Mobile Settings 5.7


In the Accounts section, you can view and manage all of your connected Mailchimp accounts. This is an easy place to switch between accounts, connect another account, or log out of all accounts.


The Notifications section allows you to manage your Mailchimp mobile push notifications from one place. Here you can set your preferences for subscriber notifications, campaign updates, recommendations, and more. Toggle the sliders to turn these notifications on or off.

Verified Domains

The Verified Domains section helps you manage the email domains that you have access to. To send email campaigns with Mailchimp, we need to verify that you are using a valid email address hosted at a domain you can access.

Want to add a domain? Tap Verify a Domain to begin the process.


To set your logo in Mailchimp, you must have Author access or above.

Audience Settings

In the Audience Settings section, you can create, edit, or delete your Mailchimp audience.

  • Create
    To create a new audience, tap the plus icon at the top of the screen. The number of audiences you can store in your account depends on your plan.
  • Edit
    To edit an audience, tap the audience you want to edit. Editable information includes: audience name, permission reminders, from name, from email address, and contact information.
  • Delete
    To delete an audience, tap the audience you want to delete and scroll to the bottom. Tap Delete and follow the instructions.

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