About Mailchimp Pricing Plans

Mailchimp offers four main pricing plans: Premium, Standard, Essentials, and Free. Whether you're just starting out, growing your business, or already working with a large number of contacts, we have an option that fits your marketing needs. We also offer a Pay As You Go alternative, as well as add-on features that you can use to supplement your plan.

In this article, you'll learn about Mailchimp’s pricing plans.


Mailchimp introduced this pricing model on May 15, 2019. If you had a paid Mailchimp account before the new pricing model was introduced, check out About Your Legacy Pricing Plan.


An individual member of your audience who can receive or view your marketing. Subscribed, unsubscribed, and non-subscribed contacts all make up the contact count for your audience size.
About Your Contacts

Audience size
The number of contacts you store across all of your audiences in Mailchimp. Your audience size affects the price of your plan. Archived, cleaned, and deleted contacts do not count toward the price of your plan.

A term we use to measure the number of email campaigns you send. Each email sent to an individual contact counts as one send. For example, one campaign sent to 2,000 contacts equals 2,000 sends. Test and transactional emails count toward your monthly sending limit.

The available number of individual users who have access to your account. The number and access level of seats depends on which plan you choose.
Manage User Levels in Your Account

Types of plans

You can change or pause your plan at any time on your account’s billing page. To see a list of features for each plan, check out our pricing page. The plans build on each other as you upgrade, so each plan includes all of the features of the plan before it, plus more.


Our Free plan is ideal for beginners who want to grow their audience and create campaigns while testing out some of Mailchimp's tools and features. It includes all the basics you need to start marketing.

The Free plan includes up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 sends per month, with a daily send limit of 2,000.

Here are a few of the features the Free plan offers.

You can also try out marketing tools like postcards, landing pages, and Facebook/Instagram ads. Additional fees may apply.

If you exceed the 2,000 contact limit in your Free plan, a hold is placed on sending live email campaigns or test emails until you upgrade to a paid plan or reduce your contact count. You'll still be able to work on your campaigns and templates, and collect and import new contacts.


The Essentials plan is best for frequent email senders who need extra sending power and access to Support.

The starting price includes 500 contacts, and the price increases with audience size. With the Essentials plan, you can store up to 50,000 contacts. Your monthly send limit is 10 times your audience size tier.

Here are a few features included in the Essentials plan.


The Standard plan is the best choice for most Mailchimp users who want to grow their business. It comes with tools and features that give you more insight about your audience.

The base price includes 500 contacts, and the price increases with audience size. With the Standard plan, you can store up to 100,000 contacts. The monthly send limit is 12 times your audience size tier.

Here are some of the features that come with the Standard plan.


The Premium plan comes with our most powerful marketing tools. This plan is best for advanced users who want to store more contacts and optimize their marketing.

The base price includes 10,000 contacts, and the price increases with your audience size. With the Premium plan, you can store up to 200,000 contacts. The monthly send limit is 15 times your audience size tier. If you want to store more than 200,000 contacts, contact us and we’ll customize a plan for you.

Here are some of the features included in the Premium plan.

About your audience size

If you choose a paid monthly plan, you’ll decide how many contacts you want to store in Mailchimp across all of your audiences. The number of contacts you choose will put you in a pricing tier that determines your monthly bill and sending limit.

You can change your audience size at any time, but you may want to choose a number that gives you some room to grow. If your audience grows more than expected, we won’t interrupt your service. Instead, you’ll see an additional charge on your bill until you update your audience size.

To calculate the price and send limits for your audience size, visit our pricing page.

Change or Pause Your Pricing Plan

About Additional Charges

Pay As You Go

The Pay As You Go Plan is a flexible alternative to a monthly plan. Instead of paying a recurring monthly charge, you buy email credits as needed. It's a good option if you use Mailchimp mainly for email, and send infrequently. The Pay As You Go Plan comes with the same set of features as our Essentials plan.

About the Pay As You Go Plan


Please note that quoted prices don't include sales or other transaction-based taxes of any kind.


Mailchimp offers paid add-ons for users who want to supplement their plan with additional features.

Social Profiles

Social Profiles gathers data on your subscribers that's publicly available on social networks. Use this information to send targeted emails by subscriber age, gender, or which social networks they use. Pricing is based on the number of subscribed contacts in your account.

About Social Profiles


Mandrill is a powerful transactional email platform built by Mailchimp. Use it to send personalized, one-to-one e-commerce emails, and automated transactional emails like password resets, order confirmations, and welcome messages. Mandrill is available as an add-on to Standard and Premium monthly plans.

Add or Remove Mandrill

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