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When your branding is consistent from campaign to campaign, it unifies your content, reinforces the personality of your business, and helps you look like a professional. Set a default logo in Mailchimp, and we’ll automatically add your branding to our templates.

In this article, you’ll learn how to set a default logo in Mailchimp.

Before You Start

  • Because you can only have one default logo per Mailchimp account, this feature is best suited for accounts that are dedicated to a single brand.

Use the Logo Merge Tag

If your template doesn’t include a logo placeholder by default, use our logo merge tag to add one.

To use the logo merge tag, follow these steps.

  1. Drag the Code content block into your drag-and-drop template, or use a custom-coded template.
  2. Add the *|BRAND:LOGO|* merge tag in place of an image URL in your code. It should look something like this.
    code for logo merge tag shows tag used in place of image url
  3. Preview and test your campaign in the Campaign Builder to see how the image will display.

Getting Started with Merge Tags

Preview and Test Your Campaign

Types of Templates

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