Why We Require an Unsubscribe Link

Mailchimp is required to enforce spam laws. This means you must include an unsubscribe link in your email campaigns. A spotty unsubscribe process can impact deliverability rates, and we want to make sure your emails reach their recipients.

It's not just that an unsubscribe link is a requirement of the CAN-SPAM act. As a bulk delivery service, ISPs require us to manage your audiences in a specific way, so we have to be able to:

  • Handle unsubscribes automatically.
  • Process bounce records.
  • Report abuse and other information to ISP feedback loops. ISPs closely monitor how many unsubscribes occur. If an ISP sees too many, it can lead to deliverability issues for your account and other Mailchimp users accounts.

We have to do all of this automatically and accurately. Since sending an email to someone who has previously unsubscribed is a violation of CAN-SPAM, we have to make sure the unsubscribe process is being handled automatically for all of our users. Because of this, our Terms of Use require that our link be used in all Mailchimp campaigns.

You can add our unsubscribe link to your campaign in the Campaign Builder and custom templates.

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