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CloudMindPro Reporting

Save yourself time, money and energy. Have your Email Marketing reports generated for you!

Wired Messenger Inc.

Have you ever been in a situation where your boss unexpectedly drops by your desk unannounced and randomly asks how all of your email marketing campaigns are doing?

You might be asked things like, "What was your last campaign's performance like? How are we doing month over month, or even year over year? Are we in line with industry open rates and click-through rates? What about hard bounces and unsubscribes? What's our company's standard rate?"

As your boss is asking you all these detailed questions, are you thinking in your head, "How am I going to answer? How am I going to pull a report detailing all these measures within a few short minutes? It's impossible without spending hours scouring all the individual campaigns!"

Luckily, it won't take hours of slaving over your computer to get all the data your boss is demanding within a short window of time. With the help of CloudMindPro, you can get a consolidated snapshot of your email marketing campaigns in an easy-to-follow report instantly.


Instantly see an Executive Report of your top metrics.