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Connect Eventbrite to Mailchimp to increase event attendance and build long-term relationships with your audience.

Quickly add attendees to your audience and send personalized messages based on their purchase behavior and traits. You can also sync upcoming events to promote in your marketing campaigns.

Email guests with ease

Send beautiful, personalized email campaigns or automated messages to people who attend your event. Sell tickets directly through a campaign, greet new registrants with an automated welcome email, and then follow up with important details or reminders just before the event takes place. After the event, thank all of the attendees for their participation, and invite them to fill out a survey and share their feedback for how you can make your next event even better.

Import past attendees as contacts

Seamlessly sync event attendees to an audience in your Mailchimp account. Select which attendees from which events you’d like to include, and then all future attendees who meet your criteria will be synced to Mailchimp automatically.

Put your purchase data to use

Ticket purchase information is automatically synced to your Mailchimp account so you can quickly segment and send campaigns to attendees based on their purchase history. Our powerful reporting tools will help you identify your most popular events and most loyal attendees, so you can make smart, data-driven decisions about future events and promotions.

Add attendees automatically

Once connected, Eventbrite events will be added to your Mailchimp account as products and attendees who accept marketing at checkout will be added to your audience as subscribed contacts. Contact information, purchase data, and behavioral data will be synced with these contacts, and you can view their interactions on the activity feed of their contact profile.

What does it do?

Here are some popular ways to use this integration. Features and functionality vary by plan.

Sell more tickets

  • Add Eventbrite events as Mailchimp products in your email campaigns
  • Send registration and thank you emails to attendees
  • Trigger and send abandoned cart reminders

Do more with Mailchimp

Eventbrite works with these Mailchimp Marketing Platform features:

Sync your marketing data

  • Sync customer, purchase, and behavioral data to a Mailchimp audience
  • Add new attendees who opt-in to a Mailchimp audience
  • Import existing attendees to a Mailchimp audience

Installation and Usage Tips



Have questions or need help with this integration?

Contact Eventbrite support about data syncing issues, or visit the Mailchimp help center.