Mailchimp for LemonStand

Connect your store to win back inactive customers, send abandoned cart emails, recommend products, and more.
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Your customers and their purchase data are automatically synced with Mailchimp, so you can create targeted email campaigns based on buying behavior, automatically send abandoned cart emails and provide product recommendations based on past purchase behavior.

With Mailchimp for LemonStand, you can:

  • Follow up with, delight, and re-engage your customers using our preset customer lifecycle automation workflows.
  • Send personalized product recommendations for customers based on past purchase behavior.
  • Create abandoned cart automation workflows to remind customers what they’ve left behind.
  • Subscribe customers to your newsletter using an opt-in checkbox in your store’s checkout.
  • Showcase any item from your online store with our customizable drag and drop product blocks.
  • Learn how email marketing is affecting the performance of your store.
  • View important Mailchimp data—like engagement rates, order totals, and revenue generated by your email campaigns—directly through Mailchimp’s various reporting tools.
  • Grow your audience and sell more stuff with Facebook Ad Campaigns in Mailchimp

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