Connect Twitter to automatically tweet links to emails, or add content from your tweets to your campaigns.

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Manage and schedule your tweets

Campaign coordination across channels is easier with the Mailchimp + Twitter integration. Manage and publish content for your email campaigns and Twitter feed from one place so your followers get timely messages.

Share campaigns across channels

Newsletter content can reach more users in more places with the Mailchimp + Twitter integration. After you send an email campaign, automatically share it to Twitter so you can reach your followers and use hashtags to find new followers.

Bring Twitter content into your email campaigns

Mailchimp’s Twitter integration lets you add merge tags to email campaigns and bring Twitter content directly into your emails.

Connect Twitter to Mailchimp to manage your tweets from one place, share your campaigns in more places, and deliver your tweets to inboxes.

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Manage your social posts from one place

Connecting Twitter to Mailchimp allows you to bring your campaign management into one location. Schedule and publish posts all from your Mailchimp account so that you can save time and reach a wider audience all from one place.

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Give your content visibility across channels

Share your email campaign content far and wide when you connect your Twitter account to Mailchimp. Automatically share links to campaigns and allow your content to reach new users who can turn into loyal followers.


If you have questions about the Twitter integration, our friendly support team is available to paid account users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Connect Twitter today to automatically tweet campaigns and add content to your emails

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