Connect or Disconnect Twitter

Connect Mailchimp with your Twitter account to add Twitter content to your email campaigns and automatically post a tweet when you send.

In this article, you'll learn how to connect and use the Twitter integration.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • Subject lines with merge tags won't display correctly on Twitter. We recommend you avoid using merge tags in your subject line if you plan to auto-post your campaign.
  • When you replicate a campaign that has auto-post turned on, that setting will be carried over to the replicated campaign.
  • To learn more about how auto-posts interact with Social Cards, read Enable and Customize Social Cards.

Connect Twitter

You can connect your Twitter account to a specific list, or make it the default account for all lists.

To connect a Twitter account to Mailchimp, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page
  2. Click Twitter to open the integration settings.
  3. Click the List to connect drop-down menu and select Account Default. Twitter integration settings
    The Twitter account you set as the Account Default is used for all lists that aren’t tied to an individual Twitter account.
  4. Click the Connect button. If you're not already logged in to Twitter, you're prompted to log in.
  5. Click Authorize App to give Mailchimp access to the Twitter account.
    button authorizemailchimptotwitter clickauthorizeapp
    You'll be redirected to Mailchimp and will see a success message.
    Alert integrationspage Twittersuccessmessage

From the List to connect drop-down menu, you can set a different Twitter account for individual lists in your Mailchimp account.

Use Twitter Merge Tags

After you set up the integration, use Twitter merge tags to add information from your Twitter account to your Mailchimp campaigns. For example, you can automatically pull in your latest tweets, or add a Tweet button to your campaign that allows subscribers to share your campaign page link.

To learn about the available tags and how they work, check out Merge tags for Twitter.

Auto-Post to Twitter

After you connect your Twitter account to Mailchimp, you have the option to auto-post to Twitter at the same time you send an email campaign. You can use this feature to share your campaign URL, or replace it with a link to your, website, store, or anything else you’d like to promote to your followers.

To set up your email campaign to auto-post to Twitter, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Add A Social Post To Your Campaign section of the Campaign Builder.
  2. Toggle the Twitter slider to a check mark.
  3. In the field provided, edit the message you want to tweet.
    field shareyourcampaigntwitter addtext
    This field includes your campaign *|URL|* merge tag by default, and can include up to 280 characters. If you want to share the email campaign you’re about to send, don’t delete the merge tag.
  4. Click Add Images to choose 1-4 images to display in your auto-post. You can add an animated GIF, but it must be posted without any other images. If you want a Social Card to display with your auto-post, skip this step.
  5. Click Save Message.

When you send your email campaign, we’ll automatically post the message to your Twitter feed.


To learn about how to auto-post to Facebook or Instagram, read Auto-Post to Facebook or Auto-Post to Instagram.

Disconnect Twitter

Sometimes you may need to disconnect a Twitter account from your list. For example, maybe you’ve started a new Twitter account and want to connect it, instead.

To disconnect a Twitter account from a list or remove it as the account default, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page
  2. Click Twitter to open the integration settings.
  3. Click on the List to connect dropdown and choose the list you want to change the connected Twitter account for.
    dropdown Integrations listtoconnectto
    If you want to disconnect or change the Twitter connected to the Account Default, be sure to keep the dropdown set to Account Default.
  4. Click Disconnect.

After you disconnect, your Twitter account will no longer be connected to your list or set as your account default. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to disconnect it from other lists, or follow the steps to connect a different Twitter account to the same list.

Troubleshooting Auto-Posts

  • My campaign didn't auto-post.
    Make sure the Twitter integration is set up correctly on the Integrations page in your account. Meanwhile, if your failed auto-post included your campaign URL, you can always share your campaign on Twitter by copying the campaign page URL for your sent campaign, then share on Twitter.
  • My Twitter account isn't an option.
    Navigate to the Integrations page and expand the Twitter integration options. Make sure the Twitter account you want to post to has been integrated with your Mailchimp account or the specific list that will receive your campaign.
  • I need to cancel my auto-post.
    You can revoke Mailchimp’s access in your Twitter account, which might prevent the tweet from going live. If the auto-post has published, log in to Twitter and delete the post.

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