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Sync people and interest groups between UCare and Mailchimp.

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Sync people and interest groups between UCare and Mailchimp

Keep people and interest groups synced between UCare and Mailchimp

If you're a UCare user, you can now connect your Mailchimp account and have it keep your people and their interests in sync.

Sending email that is anti-spam compliant and looks great is super easy with UCare. But if you are ready to take your church email campaigns to the next level this is for you.

Any changes made to synced people from UCare will also change Mailchimp, and new subscriptions or subscription changes in Mailchimp will also change or add people in UCare.

So now you can use the best software to better care for your church while also using the best software for sending email campaigns. And if you need to take donations or sell event tickets online we've got you covered too.

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