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3 Ways Postcards Can Help Your Brand Stand Out

How printed postcards work with your online marketing to close the distance between you and your customers.

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When you’re thinking up new ways to talk to your audience, sending a printed postcard in the mail probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. It feels kind of old school, right? Who reads their mail anymore?

It turns out lots of people do.

While people are spending more and more time online, they still have a deep, lasting relationship with physical mail. In fact, about 86% of consumers take time to go through their mail, which gives you the opportunity to make your brand stand out with a postcard.

Think about it: Your customers get emails and other targeted marketing from everyone, including your competitors. With postcards, you can add a personal touch to your online marketing by giving people something they can hold on to (and remember you by).

But print marketing of today doesn’t look like it used to. To make the most of postcards, you need to consider how they work with your other marketing.

Combine postcards with your other marketing to take your message further

Postcards can work with your other marketing channels to get more eyes on your brand. You already know a lot about your audience from the emails and ads you target them with. Now there are tools that let you use that data to reach them through the mail.

And since most people need to hear a brand’s message at least 7 times before they make up their mind about buying, postcards give you a unique way to introduce yourself.

Create a postcard that includes a link to a landing page where people can sign up for an exclusive deal. Set up an abandoned cart campaign that includes an email and postcard, so you can give shoppers an extra nudge to finish checking out. You can even automate a postcard to remind people of events, showcase a product, or share a promo code.

And since you can use your online assets to design your campaign, keeping your branding consistent from inbox to mailbox is simple.

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Tip: In Mailchimp, you can create a postcard and pick your audience in just a few quick clicks. Then, we’ll send it out on your behalf.

Segment your audience to focus your message (and your budget)

You don’t have to send a generic postcard to all your contacts at once. Keeping your sends targeted makes it easy to customize your content based on who you’re talking to.

Let people know when you’re hosting an event in their city. Give your customers a promo code for products similar to ones they’ve bought before. Just like email, no one wants to receive a postcard that isn’t relevant to them.

If you have a large list of contacts, smaller mailings can even help your budget go further. Decide which segments are most likely to engage with your postcard and get the best ROI.

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Tip: Send postcards to segments you’ve created in Mailchimp or use our ready-made ones. And if you’re missing addresses for any of your contacts, we’ll help you find them.

Give your customers something to remember you by

When all you get in the mail are bills and credit card statements, it’s nice to receive a note addressed especially to you. (Most millennials don’t even get mail, but they’re happy when they do.) And since 63% of people say they look forward to discovering what they receive in the mailbox, postcards give you a way to tap into the nostalgia of printed mail.

Use this personal connection with your customers to thank them for a purchase, showcase stuff they might like, or offer them a discount. And since people can hold on to your postcards (and even hang them on the fridge), they’re much more likely to remember your brand.

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Tip: Mailchimp makes it easy to include a promo code from your connected e-commerce store, so you can track how much postcards are adding to your bottom line.

While postcards take a few days to reach your customers, they can bring in about 10% more new customers than email. The trick is finding the right way to add postcards to your modern marketing strategy.

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