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8 Ways a Mailchimp Partner Can Upgrade Your Marketing

Our partners can help you with email marketing and so much more.

Mailchimp helps small businesses do big things, but sometimes you need a helping hand to reach your goals. That’s where our partners come in. These Mailchimp-vetted experts know all the advanced techniques to ensure you’re getting the most out of our platform. But did you know that Mailchimp partners can help with more than just email marketing? Our roster of partners includes graphic designers, website developers, copywriters, social media managers, SEO specialists, app experts, PR pros, and coders.

Here are 8 ways a Mailchimp partner can upgrade your marketing so you can grow your business faster.

1. Use data to make more informed marketing decisions

When making marketing decisions, don’t rely on hunches and guesswork—let your results call the shots. Looking at campaign data from both a bird’s-eye view and at a granular level is one of the best ways to improve your marketing ROI. By monitoring trends and tracking performance you can find out what’s working—and where and how you can improve your marketing strategy. Worried about drowning in the deep end of data? That’s where our Mailchimp partners come in. They can teach you how to swim, or they can wade into the data on your behalf.

2. Get the most out of every customer relationship.

After a certain point, it’s hard to manually keep track of your growing audience. However, you need to know your customers when you’re trying to market to them. Thankfully, Mailchimp also functions as a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which helps you understand how your audience is engaging with your marketing, letting you create a better experience for them every time you talk to them. Mailchimp keeps tabs on demographic information, interactions, purchases, and more. Correctly configuring and setting up your audiences is crucial for getting the most out of Mailchimp. A partner can guide you through this process, ensuring that you’re using the data you’re collecting to its full potential.

3. Simplify and streamline everyday marketing tasks.

Unless you’re the most bespoke of bespoke companies, you can’t realistically reach out to each of your customers personally. This is where marketing automations come in. These are preprogrammed steps on your customers’ journeys that are based on their behavior, like welcome or abandoned cart emails. They allow you to easily and reliably keep in touch with your customers. Think automations are just for the e-commerce world? Think again. They’re a valuable growth tool for any business, including manufacturers, financial services firms, nonprofits, restaurants, consultancies, and more.

Making the investment to design customized automations will pay dividends for years: they streamline your everyday marketing tasks, and ensure you always connect with the right people at the right time. Sending messages tailored to your customers’ interests means you’re never clogging their inboxes with content they don’t appreciate. This is one reason why, compared to bulk emails, automated emails see an average 93% increase in open rates and a 174% increase in click-through rates.

4. Speed up workflow by connecting your favorite apps and web services.

Integrations allow multiple web programs to collaborate, so you save time and get more out of the tools that you use. Our integrations allow you to connect over 250 different apps and web services to your Mailchimp account. What can they do? Well, just about anything. Send automated product recommendation or product feedback emails for your e-commerce store (WooCommerce, Square), trigger personalized campaigns when someone books an appointment or registers for an event (Calendly, Eventbrite), and even import graphic designs to use in your emails or digital ads (Canva, Adobe Photoshop).

5. Create a more engaging online presence with a new website.

Our partners are skilled in more than email marketing; many are masters of multiple trades. We have graphic designers as well as developers who speak fluent JavaScript, top-notch copywriters, and SEO experts who can help you climb Google’s rankings. These experts can do everything needed to build a stunning, high-end website. If you’re looking to save time, consider hiring a partner to set you up using our free website builder. With our new builder, partners can quickly bring your vision to life and create a website that’s beautiful, functional, and optimized to do the marketing heavy lifting for you.

6. Stand out with professional graphic design and brand identity.

Our graphic design pros can create logos, email templates, landing pages, ad campaigns, lead magnets, and more. Consider hiring a partner to do a branding checkup. Just as your brand has a specific look and feel, your online presence should, too. A Mailchimp partner can help align your newsletter, website, and social accounts, so that your business is speaking with a unified voice across all channels.

7. Make social media work smarter for you.

Many businesses think that they have to be constantly active on all social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Etsy, Pinterest, VContact or even WeChat. It’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of posting without rhyme or reason. Rather than trying to be everywhere at once, hire a Mailchimp partner to help you think strategically, not reflexively, about your social media presence. Your partner can craft a marketing strategy tailored to your audience, so you can minimize the time you spend posting and get back to focusing on your business.

8. Develop your email marketing skills with pro tips and tricks.

Mailchimp is a powerful online marketing tool, but are you making the most of it? To unlock Mailchimp’s full potential, consider enlisting a partner for training. From one-on-one sessions to online seminars, our partners offer a range of different formats to suit any learning style.

Now that you’ve explored ways our Mailchimp partners can help upgrade your marketing, it’s time to choose one!

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