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Power Partners: The Automation Boss

Mailchimp partners bring a universe of super skills to every business

Mailchimp partners—trusted marketers that specialize in everything Mailchimp and beyond—bring a universe of super skills and super solves to business problems of any size. In this series, we’re shining a spotlight on partners who tackled epically demanding asks and crushed it. 🎉 Like Kristy, here.

WHO: Kristy McCarley, owner of Pure Firefly, an Atlanta, Georgia–based digital marketing consultancy.

SUPER SKILL: Kristy makes marketing look easy, but behind the curtain automations are working overtime.

CLIENT SOS: Top selling author and commercial real estate broker Glenn Esterson was spending his weekends and evenings working on his newsletter. He didn’t have the bandwidth to make the most out of Mailchimp on his own, and needed backup.

WHAT SAVED THE DAY: Mailchimp partner Kristy stepped in and helped put everything on autopilot. A custom RSS automation was used to populate newsletters with the most recent real estate listings, ensuring Glenn’s clients received the best investment opportunities. Kristy also built a customer journey for the book launch using Mailchimp’s classic’s automation builder. Now, Glenn can focus on closing deals, and writing his next best seller.

The results were super…

  • 60 hours a month of time returned
  • 90% less time spent on newsletters
  • 50% less time on book sales
  • Open rates just about doubled
  • Nearly 300% increase in book sales

Not sure what a partner can do for you? Here are 8 ways one of these Mailchimp-trained and vetted pros can upgrade your marketing.

No matter where you are in your business growth story, our partners can help with all things marketing related. They can boost open rates, build websites, tame unorganized contact lists, create eye poppingly gorgeous custom email templates, and so much more.

Hire a super-skilled partner, so you reach your business goals even sooner.

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