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Power Partners: The Sales Commander

Mailchimp partners bring a universe of super skills to every business.

Mailchimp partners—trusted marketers that specialize in everything Mailchimp and beyond—bring a universe of super skills and super solves to business problems of any size. In this series, we’re shining a spotlight on partners who tackled an epically demanding ask—and crushed it. 🎉 Like Carlos, here.

WHO: Carlos María Meira, owner of Meira Productivity, an Argentina-based marketing agency.

SUPER SKILL: Devising marketing strategies that catapult sales into the stratosphere.

CLIENT SOS: St. George’s College, a prestigious Argentinian school, was suffering from an admissions slump. The school needed to get new students through the doors of its north campus ASAP, but without any marketing support, they couldn’t get the word out. That was, until they reached out to a Mailchimp partner.

WHAT SAVED THE DAY: Carlos catapulted in with a marketing strategy to put this college’s north campus on the map—both domestically and internationally. He steered a lead-nurturing program into place that lifted the school’s marketing to new heights: sign-up forms brought thousands of new contacts flying in, automated emails ensured information about the school was landing in inboxes, and newsletters let everyone know why St. George’s was a leading school in Buenos Aires. Now, admissions are climbing and Carlos’ client is on cloud 9.

The results were super…

  • 3,200% ROI (thanks to increased admissions)
  • 69% open rates

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