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Power Partners: The Magical Marketer

Mailchimp partners bring a universe of super skills to every business.

Mailchimp partners—trusted marketers that specialize in everything Mailchimp and beyond—bring a universe of super skills and super solves to business problems of any size. In this series, we’re shining a spotlight on partners who tackled epically demanding asks and crushed it. 🎉 Like Lindsey, here.

WHO: Lindsey Carroll, owner of Outbox Ltd.

SUPER SKILL: With some marketing magic, she helps businesses reach their potential.

CLIENT SOS: ImpACT Mental Health, a New Zealand-based not-for-profit was in a marketing jam. The organization, which is dedicated to bringing awareness to teenage mental health issues, needed to promote their online events, podcast and speaking series. The problem was, they didn't have a budget or any marketing knowhow. “They were doing it all as they went along. They needed to collect email contacts and build their client base with a good mix of automations, landing pages, and a plan,” says Lindsey, who volunteers her time to this not-for-profit.

WHAT SAVED THE DAY: Quick as a flash, Lindsey tidied up their marketing and amplified their outreach. To get ImpACT Mental Health’s email marketing on-track, Lindsey created a landing page to grow their audience, and set up automations that would remind attendees of upcoming events. Next up, Lindsey is going to overhaul their website, and promote their book Hate Myself, Hate My Life with an aim to have a copy in every New Zealand high school by year end.

The results were super…

  • 600% increase in landing page signups
  • 663% in visits to the event promo

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