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How Roberto Martín Got 400%* ROI with Email Marketing

Disruptivos, a Mailchimp partner, provided Roberto Martín with the right strategy to optimize their investments in digital marketing.


  • Industry: Sunglasses
  • Location: Málaga, Spain
  • Company size: 50 - 100
  • Year founded: 1995

Roberto Martín is a sunglasses brand and retailer born in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Málaga, Spain. The brand was founded 25 years ago and has 24 stores throughout the country. They also sell their own brand products as well as other high-end brands through their online store.

Although the company was already sending promotional emails through Mailchimp, it wasn’t following a clear strategy or taking advantage of the full potential of Mailchimp’s CRM features. They brought the online marketing agency Disruptivos on board and began to see positive results, building confidence in email as a marketing channel.

“We’ve believed in email marketing since we did some testing in 2018 that showed very good results.” says Gabriel García, Chief Marketing Officer at Roberto Martín.

"If you have invested the time and resources to have a valuable database of subscribers and clients, Mailchimp has the ideal set of tools to help make it profitable.”

— María Ortiz, Marketing Manager at Disruptivos

The Challenge: Invest the same, sell more

Until recently, a large part of Roberto Martín’s marketing budget was spent on PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Following the strategy proposed by Disruptivos, the company agreed to stop investing in PPC, since the ROI was less than expected, and reallocate that money to email marketing with audience segmentation and automation to better engage their existing customer base.

“This year, we decided to allocate the budget from PPC to email and delegate the entire implementation to Disruptivos,” adds Gabriel.

The tools: Groups, tags, segmentation, automation

In order to optimize Roberto Martín’s email marketing, Disruptivos outlined a strategy that started by capturing, tagging, and segmenting their audience.

Pop-up forms were added to Roberto Martín’s website requesting contact information in exchange for an incentive. Once customer preferences were recorded, automated welcome emails were deployed, and promotional emails began to be sent to specific audience segments. This way, users only received information they actually wanted to receive. This resulted in a marked difference in all key metrics: opens, click-throughs, and conversions.

In addition, old contacts in the Roberto Martín database were reviewed and reactivated if they were still valid. The use of tags further refined the audience data, paving the way for future targeted campaigns.

Another successful automation was the abandoned cart email, made possible thanks to the integration between WooCommerce and Mailchimp.

The result: Email marketing delivered the highest ROI*

  • 4%

    Channel Conversion Rate

  • 27%

    Average Open Rate

  • 400%

    Return on Investment (ROI)

In 2018, for every 1 EUR Roberto Martín invested in search engine marketing (SEM), they made 0.5 EUR in profit.*

In 2019, for every 1 EUR Roberto Martín invested in email marketing, they made 4.9 EUR in profit.*

Disruptivos firmly believes that no campaign should be started if it can’t be measured. In this instance, they developed a comprehensive analytics strategy first. Then, they created a customized Google Data Studio panel, where they compiled Roberto Martin’s data from different channels and platforms including Mailchimp, to get an overview of campaign performance. For each campaign, open and click-through rates were tallied, along with shipments, returns, and other purchase-related behaviors of users who had interacted with the emails.

*400% return on investment result is based on the budget spent on email marketing (including costs to Disruptivos to set up the campaigns and costs to Mailchimp to run the campaigns with the Mailchimp application) and the direct profits received from those email marketing campaigns. Channel conversion rate is based on data from Google Analytics about the web sessions generated from the emails and the number of online sales during that period. Average open rate is based on the open rate for all email campaigns and automations during the applicable campaign timeframe.

Results are specific to one set of email marketing campaigns by Roberto Martín in 2019 with the assistance of marketing agency Disruptivos and does not include all fees to Disruptivos and Mailchimp. Other users of Mailchimp’s marketing CRM, segmentation, tags, groups, automation, and email marketing features may not achieve similar results. Mailchimp makes no representations as to what financial results are normal, expected, or possible when using its features.

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